Photo by Angela Gzowski

The summer fades slowly away and we all enjoy the last rays of sunshine. You start to get your scarf, boots and coat out of the closet – yes, autumn is calling. With September 22 autumn begins and the summer is officially gone.


01. Marazul
02. Sankasa
03. New Love
04. Flashes
05. Breathe
06. Purple Skies
07. Natural High

The Canadian guys from SOUTHERN SHORES are going to release their album New World on October 2 and with it they bring back the summer. The record contains 7 tracks that sound like summer on a tropical islands, beach, turquoise ocean, palms and cocktails with little cocktail umbrellas.
The opener Marazul features a little chanting that could be borrowed from a still unknown tribe that lives on an undiscovered island. We already introduced New Love with its warm synth and soft vocals to you and the other songs just carry on this feeling of full completeness. You hear a lot of tropical drum sounds, bongos, warm and soft, sometimes chanting, vocals and these full and melodious synths.
All in all, we highly recommend this record to you, especially if you need a final touch of summer or holiday in your life. Until New World gets out, you can soothe your senses with the track New Love.


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ambient / electropop
from Toronto, Canada


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