Reissue-Special-2012It seems to the same thing by the end of each year – the closer it gets to christmas and its commercial potential, the more we witness the sudden appearance by deluxe editions, reiusses and repacked records. And we haven’t even mentioned the countless greatest hits records yet. Or the re-release of albums that aren’t actually that old yet – like pop shooting star LANA DEL REY recently did with the Paradise Edition of her debut Born To Die. There are many ways you can see such releases – some might say it’s record companies who try to make a quick dollar with devoted fans, others could argument that these deluxe editions and reworks are a great present to all the followers. And in the case of older records it might help a new generation discover these old masterpieces.

NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION just want to take some time to think about some of this winters reissues of groups we like. While there are plenty of questionable re-releases like a 10th year anniversary edition of the first english album by Russian lesbian pop project T.A.T.U., there are simpler things like ATARI TEENAGE RIOT who just re-released their first two albums as a digital remaster or ambient/ experimental group STARS OF THE LIND who are about to reiusse their 1996 album The Ballasted Orchestra on vinyl which is clever since it was out of print for years. And here are – as quick overview – five more deluxe editions that could be interesting for you.

INTERPOLTurn On The Bright Lights

The Original: Back in 2002 this combination of dark wave rock and post-punk electrified the masses with a very own sound, a sinister and stylish alternative to all these hip garage rock bands and the charismatic and unqiue way this band sounded and acted. In the eyes of many critics one of the most important records of the past decade.
The Reissue: INTERPOL have never really been fans of much b-side or remix material. So it’s mainly demos and alternative versions from the very early work of the group. Plus a DVD with a 2002 live show. Since the demos are often only rougher versions of the final ones, probably more stuff for die-hard-fans.
The Conclusion: A must-have for fans and a great reason for all interested people to make their first steps in the world of INTERPOL.



The Original: The blueprint of trip-hop, the record that started and popularized the genre back in 1991. Spheric electronic meets haunting vocals, groovy beats and a overall dark and ambient atmosphere. Great document of this early 90s sound.
The Reissue: No new material, it’s the original album getting a remastered touch. Better sound, new booklet and everything. Plus a vinyl repressing
The Conclusion: Maybe for audio purists who want to experience the old sound with today’s new technological equipment but nothing unreleased or special for all fans. Great album anyway.



THE PRODIGYThe Fat Of The Land

The Prodigy - "The Fat Of The Land" - ReissueThe Original: This group exploded like a bomb in the mid 90s with their massive hits and engergetic combination of techno, rock, breakbeats and big beat sounds. The first mass-approoved combination of punk and electro and basicly the origins of all the fat bass-driven electro rock acts we got today.
The Reissue: For its 15th anniversary label XL Recordings got a bonus EP included on The Fat Of The Land featuring six modern day reworks of the album’s hits by MAJOR LAZER or NOISA. You can clearly witness THE PRODIGY‘s influence on current artists here.
The Conclusion: Fans should buy the EP seperate if possible. The remixes are pretty mediocre which just makes the classical originals look even more cooler. Still a great record.



The Original: The sound of a generation, the angry alternative to the shiny happy world of the 90s. RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINEs electrifying and highly political cross-over rock was a very special sound. Energetic, angry and super cool. Their 1992 self-titled debut is full of great anthems that represent the former importance of this band.
The Reissue: You can choose between a 3-or a 5-disc set. And there is everything: the album remastered, bonus tracks, demos, old and recent live recordings. Everything a die-hard fan wants.
The Conclusion: Well, you can get much content for much money – kind of ironic from a band that always praised the anti-capitalistic ways of living. How times can change.


THE SMASHING PUMPKINSMellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

The Original: The 1995 double-album transformed Billy Corgan’s THE SMASHING PUMPKINS from well-known alternative rockers to superstars with a certain pop appeal and hits like Tonight, Tonight or 1979. Epic anthems, dark teenage angst moments but still quite catchy. Probably their most shining moment.
The Reiusse: 64 bonus-tracks in 5 discs plus old concert footage from 1996 on a DVD. Demos, b-sides, unreleased tracks. Well, real PUMPKINS fans couldn’t wish for more.
The Conclusion: Actually a really big and fair package that’s probably not of relevance for people who are interested in discovering the band through this album. But good for collectors.