streak and the raven - love and war - album cover


1. Ahora The Tipsy Queen
2. The Riverside
3. Seas
4. The Flowers Of Evil
5. Speed OF Light
6. Wide
7. Birds With Shooting Stars
8. King’s Heart
9. ///

STREAK AND THE RAVEN have been fighting and loving. And by doing so they write and record amazing songs, like the 2012 released song Speed Of Light. The video of this song was named by NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION as one of the 20 videos of 2012 that should be watched.

Now that 2013 has started, STREAK AND THE RAVEN release their debut album titled Love & War. It tells a story of past war and lost love. And it seems that in Love & War everyting is allowed, just like it often is in real love and real wars. No rules or regulations, no boundaries or shackles. Funnily the Finnish six-piece tells that there has been only one thing that was prohibited during the recordings of Love & War: “percussive shaking”.

What came out is and electronic and minimalistic pop album that will hit you with the speed of light. An album that’s line is led by strong vocals and wonderful soundscapes. STREAK AND THE RAVEN set a journey through the night to music. From a desperate and fearful start to an end which will leave you at a stage that feels like a highway of countless opportunities. But no worries, you will surely not drown in possibilities, you just will hit “play” again to listen to Love & War over and over again. A musical journey through the night that you will neither want to miss nor to stop.

It is not an album that will throw you back. since there is always hope and trust that everything will work out. Everything in life has its sense, even if it might be hard to find sometimes. And this is the essence of STREAK AND THE RAVEN‘s debut album Love & War. Do never lose hope and trust in whatever might be coming.

On the album you can hear echoes from childhood’s tv-series, discos and speeding on a midnight autobahn. Love & War was composed of bits and pieces in the harmonious countryside under the guidance of Sami Toroi. STREAK AND THE RAVEN aimed to create a mood where there is no haste and no limitations when playing together. An emotional speeding on the heartly autobahn through the childhood and past happenings right to the dancefloor. The entire album can be streamed below.