There are a few artists who are very productive when it comes to new material – and there is STUMBLEINE who seems to produce permanently fresh sounds, songs and electronic wonderlands. The British synthgaze / chillwave act was already quite industrious with releasing two digital albums back in May and June – Ghosting and Sunshine Girls – about which we already wrote some kind words. And now – out of the sudden – by the end of July the probably never sleeping nameless producer presents another bunch of tracks in form of a brand new EP entitled The Night Before. Five new tunes continuing at the point where the electronic magician left us a couple of weeks ago – heart warming glo-fi and chilled ambient anthems that create a very own atmosphere. A lot of bright and mysterious sounds, various pitched and undefined vocal samples and slushy beats – in the tradition of other artists like SUN GLITTERS and SLOW MAGIC. Sometimes STUMBLEINE appears like a brighter form of all those ghostly electronics like BURIAL or HOLY OTHER – a bit more optimistic, a bit more soul and a lot of love within each and every second of this music. Download your copy for a small price over at his Bandcamp page. The new songs make us hungry for more – and we wouldn’t be surprised if this hunger will be satisfied sooner as expected.


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chillwave / ambient
from Bristol, UK


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