Stumbleine - 2012

The rising electronic producer STUMBLEINE is already able to possess a number of self- released EPs and a compilation album. The debut album Spiderwebbed was released on 29th October via Montreme Records, a label that is quite good with innovative electro. Ten tracks which seem to grow hazy and therefore form a dreampop, downbeat and shoegaze unity.

Stumbleine - Spiderwebbed - Album Cover


01. Cherry Blossom
02. If You
03. Capulet
04. The Beat My Heart Skips ft. CoMa
05. Honey Comb
06. Solar Flare
07. Fade Into You ft. Steffaloo
08. Kaleidoscope
09. The Corner Of Her Eye
10. Catherine Wheel ft. Birds of Passage

In conformity with the album’s title the picture of morning dew in spider webs that are sun- drenched with the first gentle rays of dawn and that arouse the innocent day comes to your mind while listening to this heart-warming piece. The spiderweb consists of coloured synths, weaving fractured beats, blurred guitars and soft vocals also contributed by the guest vocalists COMA, STEFFALOO and BIRDS OF PASSAGE . STUMBLEINE creates a bright, glimmering and profound atmosphere. It seems that the fine spun spider webs cocoon their listeners. Even the artwork reflects this ambience. According to that he succeeds in surprising with carefully selected elements so that smiles flash over the listeners face from time to time. At such moments the tracks catch you and the fragile tunes take you to a trip down memory lane. This album may burst all limits of seasons because it gives priority to the delicate, sparkling moments of any day of the year. Who searches for a mawkish, light overcoat out of electronic and lovely melodies to decelerate the daily routine is in the right place with this album.


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electronic / dreampop / shoegaze

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