Mark Kozelek – singer and songwriter in disguise of different musical projects such as RED HOUSE PAINTERS, SUN KIL MOON , or solo – has some stories to tell in his new album Among The Leaves. SUN KIL MOON‘s fifth studio album, which was released on May 29 this year, is full of little narratives that are always accompanied by the lovely sound of the guitar. Obviously, Kozelek has found a gorgeously artistic way to handle his inner struggles, thereby singing sad stories to the play of the acoustic guitar. The interesting thing about his songs is the composition of lovely melodies and lyrics that are pretty hilarious on first listen and plainly sad on following listens.

The track Sunshine In Chicago gives the listener an insight into very personal thoughts and experiences, however it’s by no means a song about the trivial happiness of life. And even though the silly lyrics of this song probably make you smile in the beginning, they reveal the musicians self-reflecting on his insignificant meaning in the world of music: “Sunshine in Chicago makes me feel pretty sad / My band played here a lot in the ’90s when we had / Lots of female fans, and fuck, they all were cute / Now I just sign posters for guys in tennis shoes.” It’s a funny line, but its expressiveness strikes you to the core.
That is more or less what you’ll experience throughout the whole album. Track by track, Kozelek lets his mind wander, thereby his voice and the acoustic guitar being the main protagonists of his play. You don’t even necessarily have to listen closely, since the melodies of every song are without any ostentation, so that they can easily melt into the backdrop of your daily routine – at least, this is what has happened to me a several times while listening. It’s neither exhausting nor boring, it’s accompanying, albeit one could have the impression from time to time that Kozelek’s intention has never been to entertain people with his music. Because in some of his most beautiful songs, the singer himself turns out to be a pretty rude guy that is not afraid of being the bad boy of his stories at all. That Bird Has A Broken Wing is one of these songs in which Kozelek proofs to be the prototypical asshole boyfriend. Nevertheless, the song is one of my favorites, since it’s very expressive and dramatic in its musical implementation. King Fish is another darling of mine, one of the few songs darkened up by the bittersweet sounds of the electric guitar.
If you’re ever feeling melancholic, lonely, sad, or simply odd, Among The Leaves is the perfect choice to emphasize your mood. 17 tracks full of comedy and tragedy, displayed by a dolorous voice and a nylon-string guitar – SUN KIL MOON doesn’t cease to inspire.


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singer-songwriter / slowcore / folk
from San Fransisco, USA


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