Susanne Sundfør - The Silicone Veil - cover


1. Diamonds
2. White Foxes
3. Rome
4. Can You Feel the Thunder
5. Meditations in an Emergency
6. Among Us
7. The Silicone Veil
8. When
9. Stop (Don’t Push the Button)
10. Your Prelude

We don’t know why SUSANNE SUNDFØR‘s album The Silicone Veil wasn’t released in Germany earlier, but we are happy that also people over here can get the album from this week on, too. In Norway it was released back in March and hit the charts on number one. However, this wonderful singer-songwriter from Norway’s capital Oslo, was hyped after her last 2010 album The Bothel, but with The Silicone Veil, SUSANNE SUNDFØR shows that she is not only a hype, but one of the artists of today’s Scandinavian music scene.
While The Bother was a rather dark and cold album with a cloudy atmosphere, The Silicone Veil is full of warm melodies, different facets and complex soundscapes. What remained dark and cold: her lyrics. Lyrics that deal with desperation, the loss of illusions, believe and hope. The human inability to cope with today’s difficulties of life, as well as to recognize their consequences, get explored. The Silicon Veil deals blurred borders betweent differnt states – between humans, between humans and the earth and of course between life and death. Or as said by SUSANNE SUNDFØR: “Apocalypse, death, love and snow.”
All fans who like singer-songwriter tunes and pop music – and especially what is in between – should definitely check out The Silicone Veil by SUSANNE SUNDFØR.

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Susanne Sundfør – White Foxes (Official video) from Susanne Sundfør on Vimeo.


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singer-songwriter / pop
from Oslo, Norway


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