“Aloneness is a state of being, whereas loneliness is a state of feeling. It’s like the difference between being broke and being poor.”

the bony king of nowhere - 2013 - album cover


1. Across The River
2. Night Of Longing
3. Rain Falls Down On Mirwart
4. Travelling Man
5. Lonesome Girl
6. Valerie
7. Another Day Is Done
8. Wild Flowers
9. On My Way Home

As the unforgotten TOWNES VAN ZANDT stated in one of his last interviews before he died, loneliness is not a value in itself, nor an issue of temporary weakness. Everyone’s alone frome time to time but only few know what loneliness really means: an ongoing lack of warmth and security. It’s these fine distinctions that Bram Vanpary aka THE BONY KING OF NOWHERE seems to be very aware of. His third record, simply titled The Bony King of Nowhere, not only refers to loneliness in it’s many forms, it is in every aspect an album of insulation. Recorded in only one rainy night in the small town of Mirwart, Belgium, in the middle of nowhere, Mr. Vanpary’s remarkable voice and his acoustic guitar is all we hear; and all we need, really.

These softly flowing compositions already gathered some attention with his latest release Eleonore. Back then, he started to use some bigger instrumentation, just to step back from that approach again with these nine new songs – so it seems. Yet, the intensity of simple folk-music like this is something, very few musicians achieve by simply reducing the people participating in it. The Bony King does, howling sentences of melancholic bliss into winter’s air:

“My light is shining bright and strong / And why are the nights so long / And why are the days so cold?”

Once again, it’s the how not the if that is important with this kind of music – and the voice of Vanpary surely knows how to express sheer beauty.

In contrast to contemporary folk-troubadours like THE TALLEST MAN ON EARTH who’s clearly tracing the steps of DYLAN & co., THE BONY KING OF NOWHERE more likely elaborates the craftsmanship of TIM BUCKLEY or NICK DRAKE by letting introspection rule his songs. A gentle voice and captivating melodies are important to him, rather than the agitating, rhythm-based style of others. Once again, The Bony King Of Nowhere is nothing less than a sample of hauntingly beautiful folk-tunes, created and best enjoyed in the lonesome nowhere. Welcome to the kingdom of the bony king, where those searching for shelter can get some rest from what troubles us all.


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