The Embassy - Sweet Sensations (2013)

THE EMBASSY Sweet Sensation

01. Roundkick
02. Related Artist
03. International
04. Livin’ Is Easy
05. Nightshift
06. I-D
07. It’s Always A New Thing
08. U
09. Everything I Ever Wanted



What sounds like Bernhard Sumner, Johnny Marr and Neil Tennant had formed a band, but the late 80s/ early 90s supergroup ELECTRONIC had never existed? What is probably the best kept secret in pop music and feels like your older brother finally has shown this forgotten post-punk-new-wave-something band to you, whose name you always read on one of his self recorded tapes? And what will be your soundtrack for a spectacular summer, even if it would rain from May to August? Of course, it’s THE EMBASSY‘s new album Sweet Sensation.

Wait, you’ve never heard of THE EMBASSY? No panic, it isn’t too late, for joining this fantastic band, with some of the most beautiful pop songs you’ve ever listened to. After twelve years of band history and the release of three records on the meanwhile shut down label Service, THE EMBASSY are still kind of an insider tip, and honestly it just looks like this is really part of their bizarre masterplan.

With a website that looks like 1993 and nearly no advertisement you could easily overlook this tiny institution in the big world of pop music. But once you’ve played this album you will love their washed out Madchester sounds, the melancholy vocals, the singing guitars, the pursuit of perfection in melody on every song. The opener Roundkick already grooves itself right into your heart, and comes up with funky cowbells and a danceable disco mood. Followed by the first single Related Artist which sounds like a lost SMITHS song played in a deep forest, even including some small samples of owls and stuff.

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Every song impresses with well balanced arrangements, filled up with straight beats, guitars, synthesizers and just a little space for Fredrik Lindson’s naïve way of singing. And even if THE EMBASSY‘s sounds are unconventional, dreamy and eccentric one more time, Sweet Sensation gives an eclectic example of the way how pop could work, and defines eventually a blue print of a perfect pop album. Second single Livin’ Is Easy is topped by a lot of 80s funk music references, including strings and four to the floor beats and supplies, however, a fresh sound that’s always up to date but never obsolete. With I-D the band last but not least creates the ultimate hymn and pays homage to Emiliano Zapato with the momentous chorus “better die on your feet, than live on your knees”.

There isn’t just anything bad to say about this record, it is sweet, sometimes a bit clumsy and naïve and with every step, it becomes better and better. It’s just like puppies. Grab your exemplar, quickly!