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Good music is abled to create emotions, to unleash feelings and to change the mood you’re currently in. Well, you might know this already. And sometimes it is really possible to create certain pictures in your head and heart by just combining the right elements. Swedish pop singer Victoria Bergsman basicly had two main inspirations for their latest musical output – a trip to paradisiac Hawaii and the fact that she recently fell in love again. Reading this facts might already create a certain image of the new album by her project TAKEN BY TREES in your head. And the best thing about it – the result will most likely suit your expectations.

Taken By Trees - Other Worlds (2012)


01. Horizon
02. Highest High
03. Dreams
04. In Other Words
05. Not Like Any Other
06. Pacific Blue
07. Only You
08. Large
09. Indigo Dub
10. I Want You
11. Your Place Or Mine
12. Dreams (Coconut Cut)

Other Worlds, the third longplayer from TAKEN BY TREES is a tribute to the sun, love and easygoing sensuality of the South Seas. You’ll hear a lot of waves crashing on the shore, a lot of waterfalls and junge noises in the background – this already creates a lot of atmosphere. It’s a bit like on the last album by Swedish dream poppers KORALLREVEN. No coincidence that Bergsman also appeared on their record. Besides the atmospheric sounds you’ll hear steel drums, dreamy pedal-steel guitars, ukuleles, flutes, xylophones and other instrumentation you wouldn’t expect on the record of a swedish singer. Everything – the sound, the atmosphere, the whole song structure is like a fresh pacific breeze on a lazy summer day. The beats are slowly grooving, full of dizziness and the songs are full of love. Bergsmans lascivious and sensual voice adresses her love with a massive amount of intimacy and feeling. Sometimes it almost sounds like she’s whispering the lover’s oaths directly into the ears of her partner while lying between the sheets – a scenery worth picturing, don’t you think.

Other Worlds creates a very unique atmosphere. Some of the tunes like Large or Dreams are bit more obvious pop songs while others are a bit weirder and more abstract. But they always tend to keep the special summer vibe of the whole record despite being sometimes a bit less directly. And this might be the biggest plus of the whole record. Just like their friends from KORALLREVEN, TAKEN BY TREES creates a homogenic feeling, forty minutes of escapism without intending to address the real life. This leitmotif – caputing a hawaiian atmosphere and sharing the intimacy of two lovers – is carrying the whole concept of the record. There are no fillers, no wrong songs – although some might take a bit longer to unfold their magic. Everything is at its place, everything fits like a perfect dream. And exactly this is Other Worlds – a fuzzy, almost surrealistic dream. You need to understand the character of this record to fall in love with it. But if you do it will happen and it will be one of the loveliest forty minutes of musical vacation you’ve witnessed in a long time. Or – fo finish with the words from Bersgman herself – “I am hoping it can take you on a little trip, somewhere luscious and warm. Lay back and enjoy.”


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