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First of all I have to admit, that I was born in the late 1980s but anyhow: the typical sounds are well-known: catchy tunes, leveraged by propulsive rhythms in common time and of course the synthies which seem to be essential for this time. Back in 2012 we witness a revival of the 1980s music – even though it’s not the first one. The latest reanimation is affected by TYSON, the former band member of UNKLEJAM which is a hybrid of pop and P-Funk, synth-funk and soul, inspired by GARY NUMAN and SAM COOKE, SLY STONE and EURYTHMICS. With his solo career TYSON decided to pursue a hi-NRG disco direction. Putting his husky falsetto to juddering electronic beats, with slashing guitars on top TYSON is on the way to take the world by assault.


His album features ten tracks including the previously released Out Of My Mind and After You’re Gone together with the latest single and title track  Die On The Dancefloor. Some of his songs are potential hits which are definitely ready for the world’s radios and dancefloors. It’s a pity that Mike Tyson doesn’t practice his boxing handcraft anymore – TYSON’s Fight would be the perfect hymn for his matches.
Undoubtedly Die One The Dancefloor has a lot of mass appeal which seems to be the aim, TYSON wants to achieve: “I make records for party people,” he says simply. “One finger in the air – drugs, sweat, tears.” So let’s go, dance and Die On The Dancefloor


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pop / electropop / funk / disco
from London, UK


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