1.Bad Insect
2.Gold Dayzz
3.Static Light
4.Strange Formula
5.Our Song
8.Party Line
9.Wash It Over
10.You’re Out


Nigel Godrich, RADIOHEAD‘s producer, decided to start a new music project last year. He got vocalist/artist Laura Bettinson and producer/drummer Joey Waronker (BECK, R.E.M) on board and ULTRAÍSTA arose. You’d expect that something great has been created – who doesn’t think RADIOHEAD is an awesome band? But unfortunately ULTRAÍSTAs self-titled debut album- out tomorrow in Germany and already published in other countries – falls short of one’s expectations. Bettinsons voice doesn’t seem to be unique – she appears to be thin and is just dabbling on and on. Maybe it is due to the exaggerated synths which push her voice aside.

Ultraísta starts with the track Bad Insect – a synth pop song featuring almost too much percussions and synth s- just as the other 9 songs from this record. Bad Insect is no bad track (although the inclusion of bad in its title), but neither particular good. Gold Dayzz (mere no normal song title) tries to convince us with weird sounds and Static Light has a great chorus – Bettinsons voice doubled at the same time – but nothing more. In Small Talk her voice shows more to advantage and Party Line gets close to be a ballad. The last track of the album, called  You’re out –  attend how the title matches for the end of the record – reminds a bit of a song by German duo HUNDREDS – the voices in the background are very similar to a track of them –  and this fact lets it appear much more interesting than the other songs.

If you like expletive synths and low voices than you should definitely listen to ULTRAÍSTA debut album. But it’s nothing really special and probably not worth the buzz that’s been created around it – all others could be disappointed.



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electropop / experimental
from London, UK

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