Two years after the debut, Gemini, WILD NOTHING are back with their second album Nocturne.
Behind the American dreampop act, WILD NOTHING, is Jack Tatum who started the project in late 2009. But the one-man-show Jack obviously needs a little support when he plays live.
Nocturne covers a wide range of music. It sounds like indie pop, a bit dreamy and a little like shoegaze with a glimmer of the 80s caused by synth sounds. That is just the right combination to create melodious music for every day. The whole album sounds like a visit to the beach. Some days are full of sunshine on others there is rain present.
The opener, Shadow, doesn’t sound like shadow at all. Snappy drums and a recognizable guitar riff make you tap your feet to the beat. Jack’s pleasant voice sounds like an additional instrument adjusting to the melody. But that’s not only the impression of Shadow. His vocals fit to every song like an extra guitar.

Photo by Shawn Brackbill

Jack’s favourite song on Nocturne is the same-titled single which became somehow the theme for the album. He describes it as the “kind of this nighttime, drowsy, lack of sleep delirious type feeling.” (Dazed Digital). Songs like Through The Glass and Rheya reflect the rainy days and still sound somehow like wanderlust.
WILD NOTHING created the right mix of music. You can give it a listen if you are longing for a faraway place or on a cloudy day to enjoy some sounds that remind you of a day at the beach.



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pop / indie / shoegaze
from Virginia, USA


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