It’s maybe one of the most eagerly anticipated records of the year: At this friday, YEASAYER’s third strike called Fragant World is going to be released. But instead of familiar, mild weaving and all-embracing YEASAYER-sound from their debut and the potpourri of styles combined in the second album, this one comes up by confronting the listener with unexpected synthesizer and computer sounds.
Even during the first seconds of the opening track Fingers never bleed, the common YEASAYER-fan will be plunged in at the deep end. Guitars were removed by electronic sound frameworks, which demand much more advertency while listening than the last two records did. For sure, YEASAYER are known for rejoicing in experiments and this time they did the next step which sounds like a slightly reinvention. Songs like Longevity and Blue Paper consist of a generous assignment of electronic sound machine effects. The distinctive voice of Chris Keating blurs by using polyphonic effects, which remind considerably of HOPT CHIP. Otherwise there are clear influences of R’n’B and funk which are attended by psychedelic elements.
Henrietta, the first single release of the new record, is the most captivating song at the same time. It is about Henrietta Lacks – a cancer patient who died a long time ago, known as the donor of the so called HeLa-cells, which were used to manufacture a serum against infantile paralysis. And for that the refrain goes “Oh Henrietta, we can live on forever”.

“Less is more” still isn’t the principle of YEASAYER. This is what becomes clear while listening to Fragant World. At the end of the record, listening becomes a bit more straining, but not nerve-racking at all. This record isn’t made for being heard along the way. Maybe it takes a bit time to get into it, but it’s worth it.
YEASAYER are ‘real’ musicians. They’re artists. And it doesn’t matter if you listen to the older stuff or the new record, you’ll always feel the high passion and the talent they bring along to raise up some different songs to a unique and self contained piece of art.


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indie / rock / pop
from Brooklyn, New York, USA


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