Victoria Beckham 2016 collage

Victoria Beckham did her magic, again! No matter if you like her or not, we all have to admit that she did an amazing work on her latest collection for Spring-Summer 2016. Yup, you heard well. And after seeing these beautiful designs, you’ll want to skip a year. That’s how fashion is and that’s how the big heads are planning ahead. In all cases, the new collection is here and although we are not used to cover ‘major’ topics, this is a *must* share!

From our fashion segment, we’ve been spotlighting people who have something to say and to offer to the world. We’ve been featuring people whose values and standards are high. After all, this is the planet that we have to coexist and that means that taking care of each other should be a matter that matters us all. Victoria Beckham might always be our Posh Spice – an inevitable association that she might be tired to hear again and again. She might be leading a posh life with the blessings of the queen. Long story short, she is not your neighbor, she is not your cousin. But let’s bow down and recognize the fact that with her latest line she suggests something new.

Designed for every woman who feels free

In the eyes of every fashion lover, Mrs Beckham proved to be an artist or at least to have a good eye when it comes to it. The garments coming out from her house are the most beautiful garments we’ve lately seen. Imagination came to the front and brought a girly, neo-romantic air to the pleasure of our eyes. Bold colors and beautiful cuts and patterns play around with classic volumes and silhouttes. It seems to be designed for every woman who feels free and wants to make a proper statement. Not just in words. To, actually, become the statement.

We might never be able to buy a dress from Victoria’s Beckham collection, but we cannot but clap her for being an inspiration and ahead from her era. She definitely earned it with this collection! Looking forward to see what the future holds!

Via Vogue UK.