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Guest Articles

This is the space where we hand over the pen to artists, bands and others to share their personal story on a much-loved record, the state of the industry or other cultural issues at large.

Ultraflex Lift Spirits With Their Exclusive Lush Disco Mixtape For NBHAP

The dynamic sports and synths duo just released one of 2020's most charming debut albums, and now they move over to the dancefloor and take us on a trip through the depths of their musical knowledge and taste. Yes, Farao and Special-K have put together a smooth yet grooving lush disco mix for us, featuring some of the tracks that inspired Ultraflex. They explore some highlights from their selection right here.

DJ Supermarkt Celebrates Grooving Diversity In This Exclusive “The Black Ladies Of Too Slow To Disco” Guestmix

It's a weird summer for all of us; this season feels different and forces us to improvise on a lot of things - and clubbing is one of them. Luckily we got a true expert for smooth disco grooves on board to help us with that. DJ Supermarkt returns to the digital turntables with a wonderful selection of laidback and soulful gems from the good ol' days. It's a much needed celebration of diversity, female power and positive spirit - and we could all use a bit of that in the year 2020, right?

Solidarity In Times Of Crisis: Why Musician Gordi Decided To Help Out As A Doctor

The Australian musician Gordi aka Sophie Payton lives in between two worlds; music and medicine. In this personal guest article the Sydney-based artist/doctor opens up about why she dropped everything to help out during the Corona crisis and how she copes with the anxiety and frustration that comes with the great uncertainty all of us face.

An Old Soul In A Modern World: Vaarin On The Melancholy Driving Her Music

The music Vaarin makes is marked by an inherent melancholia. Between beauty and pain, the Norway-based artist creates soundscapes that elate while tugging on the heartstrings. Her EP "Bitter Taste Of Goodbye" is out now and allows a glimpse deep into the soul of the young musician. In this intimate guest article Vårin Strand opens up about the emotions behind her music. 

Olympic Fencing Meets Music: The Micronaut Teams Up With Anne Sauer for “Fencing”

What do music and fencing have in common? Both require discipline, knowing your tools, and well-trained placement of hits or notes. We are premiering "Fencing", the latest release by The Micronaut in collaboration with Olympic fencer Anne Sauer. Instead of an exchange of intense hits, the two engage in a friendly exchange of interview questions regarding their greatest passions; fencing and music.

‘Just Sit And Breathe And Watch’: Novaa On Facing A Blank Page In Times Of Covid-19

Isolation is something we often seek to express ourselves creatively. But what happens to the creative mind when it is forced upon us? Beloved songwriter and producer Novaa shares her experience with having to face the blank page - musically and personally - in these uncertain times. After her acclaimed self-titled debut she now opens up about the struggles all of us are confronted with today and shares her advice on making the first brush stroke on the intimidating bare canvas.

Getting Lost In Translation with ACUA: A Tour Diary

How about a little trip to Japan? The German psychedelic rock band ACUA documented their early 2020 tour across the island and Korea. Here is an exclusive insight into what the band experienced on the road and something to soothe the pain of current travel restrictions.

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