Please tell some basic things about ATLANTIS and of course about why your band is called ATLANTIS.
Gilson- ATLANTIS is just me, my free time and my musical influences all in one. (live I’m with a band backing me up) As I work as a composer, one of my first jobs was to write music/soundscapes for a short film/documentary about the legend of Atlantis. Unfortunately the project got canceled, but I had already written a large part of the music. So at this point I just began jamming and remixing those pieces into new material, that became the foundation of my debut album Carpe Omnium which was released trough Field Records from the UK. I just used the name of the canceled project thinking it was temporarily, and a name for the new music just had to be found, but that didn’t happen, so the name stuck. So there is no idea behind the name.

Your music is influenced by different styles…tell us some of your favorite bands and how they influence ATLANTIS.
Gilson- That’s always a difficult question as it differs from day to day… I’m a big fan of all types of music actually. Like blues, rock, industrial, noise, classical, and a lot of electronic music, Last couple of years I’m noticing that electronic music is evolving in a rapid speed, creating new styles and with those styles new interesting act’s come along, like BURIAL, HOW TO DRESS WELL, BALAM ACAB, .. act’s with their own distinctive sound. Now days you see act’s just copying what is already there, especially in rock-music… there is no edge anymore. The fashion has replaced the passion in my idea.

What does postrock mean to you?
Gilson- Not much actually. I really like MOGWAI, and was happily surprised with IF THESE TREES COULD TALK (we did a couple of shows with them), they rock hard! I don’t see ATLANTIS as a postrock band, but I do understand why we are placed in that category. We also have the lengthy songs, and the vocals are reduced to almost nothing. I like the fact that it is a growing musical category… As we played Dunk!Festival last time we really saw a lot of act’s that we’re doing their own thing. That was good to see… something is happening with this music, and it’s exciting to be a part of it.

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How did you get your own style, grown by working hard or by a fixed idea?
Gilson- When I sit down to write songs I don’t really think of the kind of style, I try to lose myself in the situation that I’m in at that point, and try to translate those emotion to sound, telling stories without words… The foundation can be a beat, a synth-line, a guitar-riff or just soundscapes.

Your music is very heavy, driving and dark. Often the only thing that seems to make your songs special are electronic details. Is this the sound of ATLANTIS – the legendary lost island?
Gilson- Euh… no I don’t think so, haha! It really comes from the writing process. I have all these different tools in my studio, and I use them all, so you get all these different sounds combined.


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If there would be lyrics to your songs, what would they be about?
Gilson- Well we have 4 songs with vocals so far , so there are lyrics. Actually while writing the music I often have vocal-lines and lyrics in my head, but the music just takes over, speaking those lyrics out for me. The songs that have vocals on them, is because it’s was that missing piece in those specific songs. Like the song She Loves All from the Mistress Of Ghosts album really came to life with the vocals, same is for Esther on the new La Petite Mort EP. Esther really needed a powerful voice, so that’s why I asked Johannes (Johannes Persson from CULT OF LUNA) to sing the vocals to my lyrics.

You just came back from tour – what were the best tour-experiences, the nicest people and the best shows you played?
Gilson- Ah man, to many to mention! This was our best to so far! We’ve met such nice people on this tour from the first day on to the last! The People from Dunk!Festival were really kind and kept giving us food and drinks! Fishing in the Czech Republic with the guy from the venue the next day was one of the coolest things that we’ve ever done! The people at Café Wagner (Jena) were also so kind, and that was the first time we did a show with IF THESE TREES COULD TALK, and those guys a probably one of the coolest bands out there! Lukas in Prague, Jana in Leipzig… to many names to mention… Show wise Dunk!Festival and Roadburn were one of the biggest shows we’ve ever done, and the reaction we had from those shows, actually from every show on the tour were just amazing! The show in Oberhausen was awesome as well… But as I said the whole tour was really good! But if I have to choose, I guess it would be the show at the Roadburn festival, because it was the final show of the tour, and because we started the live-band in that city, so it was a sort of full circle for us.

Since the title of our zine is NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION: What means passion to you? And hope?
Gilson- Passion for me comes in all forms and art and emotions, it can be anger, love, frustration, sex, etc… and it’s at it best when they are all combined… when that is achieved, you can cry, smile, feel happy or sad… but you feel what is being said in one way or the other.
I see hope as a beautiful and dangerous thing. Hope can fuel a person for his or hers entire lifetime and make them be the best person that they can be,.. but if you let hope take control of you it can make you waste time. We should learn to embrace hope, and let it go when you should…

What are your plans for the future? As persons and as band?
Gilson- Continue to try not to repeat myself, try to cross my own limitations as a songwriter on the next record, and make it the best album I can make at that moment. As a band we’ll try to expand our performance, keep it loud, emotional and heavy… making heads bang, and eyes tear… I’m really happy with the band how it is right now, and am really proud of the guys in my band, as they play the songs with their own energy and taking the songs to a next level.

The last words belong to you…
Gilson- Thanks for the interview, was really nice to meet you, and please visit where we update all the news about the music and shows!
See you on the next tour!


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from Utrecht, Netherlands


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