Freja Loeb - photo 2012

Photo by Michael Falgren

The 1980s are back! No…they are not back, but there are people who get inspired by the style and the sounds of the 1980s, bring this in the year 2012 and make something new out of it. During our time at this year’s SPOT FESTIVAL we saw a live-concert of FREJA LOEB – an upcoming Danish powerpop / new-wave artist. We didn’t know her before (what a shame), but since we fell in love with her, her band and her music during this concert we simply decided to talk to her. And here is what we talked about:

Freja Loeb - photo 2012

Photo by Michael Falgren

Hej. I just saw your private-concert here and to be honest I have not heard about you before. So how would you describe yourself and of course your music to someone who has never heard of you?
Freja Loeb- I’m making powerpop/new-wave music inspired a lot of different bands – by NEW ORDER, THE CURE and BLONDIE – and DAVID BOWIE. And a lot of other bands of course, too. I just released my first album in November – the album is called Odyssey and was released via EMI. So…that’s me.

And is it you who does all the music or is it a band?
Freja Loeb- No on this album it like…yeah…was just me. I’m the artist and I’m writing all the songs, but we are trying to make it more like a band and I think we want to make it like a band-thing on the next album.

Since we are based in Germany: will the album also be released in Germany – or is it already?
Freja Loeb- No not by now, but we’re working on it.

Also no tourplans for European mainland by now?
Freja Loeb- Also not by now, but actually we are working on that right now. We just got an English booking agency and hopefully we will travel to Paris and Berlin and the UK soon.

So when you tell about powerpop and your influences it are all influences from the 1980s. Is this also where your clothing-style is from? Is this you? Or is this just for image purposes for live shows or is it how your really are?
Freja Loeb- Well, I’m not thinking of this…I’m just doing it in a way. Of course I’m inspired. Totally. I’m inspired by a lot of different bands. You can hear it in my music and you can see it in my style – yeah even in my cloths. But I think it’s really important that it is a part of yourself – because it is reflecting who you are
Max Winding- …wherever you are.

Another thing: is it you first time at SPOT FESTIVAL?
Freja Loeb- Yes. It’s our first time.

How do you like the festival? What where your expectations and what do you think about it?
Freja Loeb- It was like my expectations. I think it was a good concert. We are fine, but maybe I missed some of the small indie bands in Denmark because actually it’s an upcoming festival for Danish bands and now it’s like a lot of…
Max Winding- It has become a more regular festival. A lot of bigger names to get people to buy tickets…like compared to many other festivals.

Same what I thought, too. Scandinavia has a lot of metal and hardcore bands and bands from different subcultures and none of these bands are playing here. It’s a great festival but I kinda miss these subcultures.
Freja Loeb- Yeah, exactly! It’s like they don’t wanne lose money.
Max Winding- They actually moved the festival. Last year it was just like over there – on the other side of the street, in the park.

Just one last question: since our e-zine is called Nothing But Hope And Passion. How important are these things to youand what do these things mean to you – “hope” and “passion”?

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…you need hope and you need passion to go your own way.

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Freja Loeb- I think it’s like being totally dedicated to… yeah to me it’s like being dedicated to what you are doing – and like nothing but the music. Like passion. It’s just being yourself, just being authentic.
Max Winding- Yeah…two very important things for musician or a artist or a painter…
Freja Loeb- Yeah, really important, because you need hope and you need passion to go your own way.
Max Winding- …to go somewhere. Yeah, great words. I like the…I think I like the passion more than hope.
Freja Loeb- Me too.


Hoping is much more like sitting there and waiting for something to happen, while passion is like doing it.
Max Winding- Yeah – I’m hoping for something and doing nothing…
Freja Loeb- But still you need hope to be passionate about something…


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powerpop / new-wave
from Copenhagen, Denmark


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