We talked to the Danish indie / rock band I GOT YOU ON TAPE. We talked about them, their music, SPOT FESTIVAL and of course hope and passion…

For the people who don’t know you by now: who are you and how would you describe yourself & your music?
We are four musicians from Copenhagen who’ve been working together on this project for almost ten years now. I guess our sound can be described as somewhat monotone and melancholic. We always strive to make perfect music that everybody should be able to enjoy, even though it might be quite progressive at times.

What were your expectations to SPOT FESTIVAL and what are your impressions afterwards?
This was the sixth time we played SPOT, so we are probably what you will call regulars. It has always been a big pleasure!

You won P3 Award in 2010. How great was the push after that? There were 3 Albums before…
It just broadened our reach, basically, like SPOT for example. A lot of people had never heard of us at the time, but that’s changed now. It makes things a little easier; when we put out music now, there’s automatically people listening.

What are your main-influences when you write songs and lyrics? And what are your songs about? Is there a message or is it “only” music?
The big things, life and death and the universe and stuff like that are definitely influences. As far as what it’s about, it’s open to interpretation as most good art is. But of course we have some ideals that we try to attain, and hopefully these ideals also invoke some kind of change in the people that listen to it.

What is more important to you: playing live or being in the studio?
Both is very important. When we play live, it’s direct communication and when we work in the studio, it’s more about building something, a piece of art, from scratch, for months and months, that we can later tour and transform into something else in live situations.

What is your fixation when you standing on stage?
The music.

What is the common thread of the band, and what keeps the band together?
Good chemistry, persistence and belief in our music.

It seems like your lyrics are very serious and dark. In which way can this be seen as an expression of yourself?
Well, of course it’s one side of it. But it’s definitely not that we’re depressed all the time, I guess it’s just about a fascination of the bigger, heavier and sometimes darker side of the world, you know?

Is music the only thing in life you aim for?
Of course we aim for being good and decent human beings as well, but our profession is, and have always been, only music.

We deal a lot with “hope” and “passion” – what do these two things mean to you? What do you hope for and what are you passionate about?
We hope for the best for the world and mankind, peace and love and things like that. We hope that the good people of the world will unite and take over, and that the reign of the few, with all the money, that destroy the world, will end. We are passionate about our view of the world, our art, and those with us.

The last words belong to you.
Check out our music, keep improving your life, and let’s change the world.


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rock / indie
from Copenhagen, Denmark


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