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IN GOLDEN TEARS – sounds beautifully profound. But first of all: who stands behind this name? Be so kind as to introduce yourselves!
Mats D.- IN GOLDEN TEARS are five young men from Hamburg, Germany. Since we all got to know each other as dedicated musicians, we’re sure that this band can only exist in this constellation – with Patrick H. Kowalewski as lead singer, Patrick Behrens on the guitar, Robin Shaw hitting the drums, Max Schild playing the Keys and me, Mats Dörband, on the bass. The name In Golden Tears should point out what our music is like. Tears are generally a pretty sad and dark thing, but there’s light, as gold, adding an interesting and exciting element.

You guys are still pretty young (that is intended as a compliment), yet already so ambitious and determined. Who earns the credit for this development of yours, meaning did your parents teach you to be hard-working and passionate at the same time?
Max S.-  Thank you! Our ambition is just natural. When you love something you do, then you put everything you are able to give into it. For us this love has always been music, which we decided to be an important part of our lives and identities. Of course we would not be able to put all our passion into it without all the support of the beautiful friends and families around us.

Who provided you with potential musical input that contributed to your formation as musicians, for example friends, live shows or certain magazines?
Patrick B.-   I believe we all share a mutual talent and interest and we are fascinated by nearly everything that has to do with music and art in general. My father let me listen to great bands like QUEEN, GENESIS and JOURNEY so they were my musical input when I was younger. Now there’s my brother who is a big influence on my musical taste.
Max S.-  I remember my father driving thousands of kilometers from Germany to Denmark to visit the Roskilde Festival. He had been going there for 22 years in a row when I was allowed to join him. Roskilde Festival has always been a big influence for me. Beautiful people, an overwhelming atmosphere and new fresh music alongside the really big names. Seriously I want to be on that stage one day.

© 2012 Jan David Günther

Do you remember any remarkable moments, shows or records that left a permanent impression in your memories and that influenced your perception of music?
Max S.-  I remember PRINCE playing Roskilde in 2010. That was beyond imagination. He virtually slapped me in the face with his voice and guitar playing, just EPIC! A remarkable record for me was the “Köln Concert” of Keith Jarrett from 1975. I got it as a 2×12″ from my mother as a birthday gift when I started to discover jazz. It´s a full improvised solo piano concert and he is able to express himself in all different patterns of life with a piano. Definitely worth a listen!

How do you feel about the immense positive feedback that you get and does this – at the same time – put some kind of pressure on you?
Patrick B.- We’re so excited about everything that’s been happening for us so far, like playing support shows for big acts such as THE DRUMS, THE VACCINES, a headline tour through the UK last year, the upcoming shows in Europe and we can’t wait to play this year’s Sziget Festival in Budapest! It feels very rewarding for us because we’ve only released two singles so far. As an ambitious band we’re putting a lot of pressure on ourselves so we’re kind of used to work under that pressure.

Now that you have already played a headliner tour in England, in which European country would you like to tour next and why?
Patrick B.-  We’re going to play a few European countries this year for the UK, France, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands and of course Germany . I’d love to play in Spain and Sweden someday.
Max S.-  More shows in Scandinavia would be really great. There are just so many outstanding bands from Northern Europe and people are really passionate about live music.
Rob S.- My father is Scottish and a part of my family still lives over there. I`d love to come back to Scotland and enjoy the highlands and drink a single malt with the lads.

There has been a current discussion about online sharing of music videos. How do you feel about this topic? Are you concerned about recent developments?
Patrick B.-  If you think about WOODKID’s music video for Iron or OK GO’s videos, it can mean a lot of attention to have music videos which everyone is talking about and shares them on Facebook, Twitter, etc. so it helps a lot to have a video good enough for people to spread it all over the internet.
Max S.-  Of course Youtube and similar sites are great opportunities to spread the word and show people your music. On the other hand the big enterprises should give all those bands out there, who put all there time and passion into a single and a music video the respect they deserve. Music is still a piece of art and not a code of digital numbers, which isn´t worth a single penny. I mean, all the musicians and artists out there they deliver the content, they should get the credits!

Your new single Underneath the Balance deals with provocative contrasts of our contemporary society. How did you come up withsuch a philosophical subject matter?
Patrick H.K.- It’s very hard to write good lyrics and I know that the lyrics for Underneath The Balance are not the only ones with that kind of philosophical context. It feels very fragile to talk about such topics because alot has been written about and sometimes its going to sound cheesy. It took a lot of time to find the right words for what I wanted to express. We are living in a society full with different people and it’s still a big topic in our daily life…
We have to fight racism and we should not stop thinking about it. No matter what time it is and no matter how many years have passed. It’s still an issue which needs to be fought…

So you are currently working on your debut album – anticipation! How important has it already become in your life and how do you feel about this sort of “baby” of yours?
Rob S.-  We`re still in the process of writing it and every single song should be able to grasp the listener’s attention in the same way. It´s a kind of perfectionism, but we want our first “baby” to be a break through record.

What do you do besides your life as a band? Do you still have regular jobs or any other hobbies?
Patrick B.-  We’d love to make music as a full time job but as a young band we still have to work hard to reach our aims in life and music. Some of us are working in the music business while others are studying or have a part-time job. It’s hard to get away from the music/band so there’s not enough time for other hobbies. Our singer Patrick H. K. has a few side projects and the others are also making music besides the band – but only for themselves.

What are your future dreams as musicians or rather: will IN GOLDEN TEARS be your future?
Robin S.-  It´s an indescribable feeling when you play your songs in front of a huge crowd and the people just get lost in your music. There is nothing comparable to that… ahh, maybe an orgasm can compete.

Since we have already talked about the meaning of words, tell us what comes into your mind(s) when you think of the words “hope” and “passion”! Feel free to be creative.

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Max S.-  Hope and passion are truly strong words, which can be defined in so many different ways. Hope and passion emphasize the needs of human beings. Without hope and passion you wouldn´t be able to walk through the world. Hope is the destination of a long and hard way you have to travel and passion is the fuel which keeps you driving!


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Hope is the destination of a long and hard way you have to travel and passion is the fuel which keeps you driving!


Last thing we would like to know: what happened on your last tour that you rather hope to avoid on future tours?

Patrick B.-  Last time we toured the UK we almost had an accident somewhere around Brick Lane in London. Luckily we were able to hit the brakes just in time but on the next day we found some blood drops on our van and we hoped that nothing seriously happened that night! We’re pretty sure that they came from some guys having a bar fight at the side of the road though.


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indie / rock
from Hamburg, Germany


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