As some of you might have already noticed via Nothing But Hope And Passion the lo-fi bedroom pop couple MAGNETIC POETRY is on tour with HUMAN TETRIS these days. They played for about 25 minutes in Dresden last Sunday, and seriously, it felt like 10 minutes! The time flew by in a few heartbreaks, so enjoyable was it to see Oksana and Dima performing their simple and cute songs. We had a chance to talk to the duo after the show in the Chemiefabrik…

Imagine we sit in a pub and have no access to the internet. How would you yourself describe your music to someone at the table who has never heard of you before?

DIMA- It’s basically just pop.
OKSANA- Yes, it’s pop from two persons in love who want to share their feelings with the audience. It’s very basic and simple and very much fun.

Here and there I could read something like “bedroom music”. Does it mean you have written and recorded it in your bedroom or should I listen to your music in my bedroom?

OKSANA- Haha, it’s the first. We have written and recorded it only at home, in our bedroom: The place where we live and sleep and spend our lives. I don’t see that we will ever go to a studio to do our songs. We don’t want someone to interfere with what we do.

DIMA- And maybe the best way to listen to it is to be in your bedroom and hear it…

OKSANA- No, I don’t think so. You can listen to it anywhere where you think it feels right!

DIMA- Okay. But one good way to listen to it is probably in your bedroom.

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How did you two meet each other and when and why did you decide to make music together?

OKSANA- We studied in the same university. But Dima is four years older than me, so he graduated when I was in my first year in 2004. But we started dating in 2007. Dima had a band back then, but it didn’t work out. But he always wanted to do music and asked me to come along. We tried it and it worked really well. The main point is to share love and to share inspiration.

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Did you ever have the idea to get more musicians into your band?

DIMA- It works fine for the two of us. We would have more instruments of course if we would have a “real band”, but that’s not the point.

OKSANA- I think we will be always able to handle it by ourselves. Maybe it would be easier to have someone else, but our idea is that intimacy and we don’t want to let it go. And we trust each other when writing songs. There can be some arguing some times, but it will never get far.

You made a lovely mini album last year. Can we expect a full debut album being the next release? And if yes, when will you release it?

OKSANA- Yes, why not. But the main idea right now is to look for a label and I don’t think that we will issue an album without a label. I don’t know, maybe we’re on about it. We ourselves will maybe issue some singles or another ep, but I don’t think that we will release an album on our own. But it’s hard to find someone in Russia who is willing to work with us. Maybe we will have to look somewhere else. Musicwise we would have an album ready in a month or so.

You have a wonderful feeling for small and lovely melodies. Where do your ideas for these cute tunes come from and how does a song of usually develop?

OKSANA- We play random things. It’s like jamming. And then every song gets many layers, a bit more and more every time…

…And then it’s stripped down to be a simple song again?

DIMA- Yes. But sometimes we work a long time on a song and then we realise we don’t like it and completely forget about it. That happens quite often.

Some people might think that such melodies sound naive!?

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OKSANA- Definitely. That’s our point: We want to be naive and simple. If someone is not okay with that and wants to listen to something else, he can go and listen to something else… something more difficult or harder or whatever. But that’s perfectly fine with us. We play happy pop music…
Maybe in the future we will minimise the live sounds that come from our laptop to sound more alive.

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We play happy pop music…


I didn’t think the laptop was disturbing when you were on stage, because you were really enjoying yourself, had a wonderful presence and looked and sounded so natural.

OKSANA- Really? That’s nice to hear, because that is something we are not so sure about.

You’re on tour right now. How has it been for you so far?

OKSANA- The tour is great. We have nothing to complain about at all. It’s sometimes hard to know what the people think about our music. Most just stand and watch and you don’t know if they like it or not. The first show on this tour was the third show of my life! Every show is really a challenge and a great experience for me. Everywhere it’s different, but it’s fun. This one was the best show, I think.

DIMA- Maybe also Leipzig last night or Cologne. It’s probably always better on weekends.

How did you get to know HUMAN TETRIS and who decided to do this tour together?

OKSANA- They invited us to join them. We were friends with each other on Facebook and they always spoke recommended our music. And in October they sent us an email and it went like: “Hey, we’ll go on to tour. Join us. But we need an answer right now!” And we thought “Wow, where did this come from?”. We never played live before and don’t have an album. So it really surprised us. Maybe it was also, because there’s just the two of us and it doesn’t take many people to go on tour with, haha. We really enjoy this tour!

Our magazine is called Nothing But Hope And Passion. You may find it a bit solemn but I think that these two words are very powerful and very meaningful. So, what does Hope and Passion mean to you as a musician?

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It’s a force that drives people forward and keeps you believing in yourself.

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OKSANA- It has a lot to do with inspiration, I think. It’s a force that drives people forward and keeps you believing in yourself.

DIMA- When you said something about “hope and passion” I understood something like “hope and fashion”, haha. Because I work in the fashion industry.


Any last words to our readers? Something we didn’t mention and that you absolutely want to tell?

OKSANA- We really hope that our music will inspire people.


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dreampop / indie / shoegaze
from Moscow / Russia


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