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You were part of this year’s DUNKFESTIVAL and for the first time we had the chance to see you perform live on stage; I must say I couldn’t imagine any better “first festival day highlight”! 
Larry- The entire tour was a success! We hadn’t been overseas in 4 years! It was so good to be back. The DUNKFESTIVAL was the perfect start to the tour! We had a great time and loved the hospitality of the people of Zottegem.

Are they different than shows in America? And if so in which way?
Larry- I feel like people in Europe tend to be more open and enthusiastic about seeing bands they like. People aren’t afraid to cut loose and really take in the music. Americans can be a little more self absorbed and don’t show their real emotions at shows.

Which bands did you met during your tour?
Larry- We hung out with THIS WILL DESTROY YOU backstage. We got there late in the day, so we missed a good amount of bands. But they were cool and we got to watch their set. We had played with them 4 years earlier in Paris with TORCHE.

Are these the kind of bands that you are listening to personally?
Larry- Nah, I’m not really into instrumental bands much anymore. I’m looking forward to the new JAKOB record but that’s about it. I’m just kinda burnt on that scene, but I will say I was really impressed with the new RUSSIAN CIRCLES and ELECTRIC HAWK LPs. Chicago represent!

And what are you listening to recently?
Larry- While I’m writing this interview I’m listening to the new OLD MAN GLOOM CD, its pretty rad. I’ve been digging the new BAND OF SKULLS LP, new TORCHE is cool, and the new UNSANE. Also just got into a band called OTHER LIVES.

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While you were touring Europe your latest record, the EP called “Ataraxia/Taraxis”, was released. We’re curious about the meaning of this title. What is “Ataraxia and Taraxis”?
Larry- Ataraxia is defined as “a lucid state that is characterized by freedom from worry or any other preoccupation,” Taraxis is a disturbance. The short of the long, or the way I like to think of the EP is in two parts, Side A and Side B. Almost like yin and yang. Side A is the optimistic side, Side B the pessimistic.

You latest EP, “Ataraxia/Taraxis”, is short, but stunning. I especially loved the beginning and the ending, which I think framed the EP perfectly. They sound pretty calm, dark and they create an astonishing atmosphere.

Is that a kind of sound which you will use more often in the future, maybe on the next album?
Larry- Yeah i think this is a good example of things to come in the future. We experimented a lot on this EP and we are really pleased with the out come. I think there will be more stuff sounding like Taraxis. It is the newest of these songs and new territory for us.

What inspired you to try out these sounds?
Larry- We never want to write the same record twice. We always want to try out new things when we write. Bryan and Trevor have been writing a lot together lately and i think there will be even more new ground covered on the next record. Bryan’s been playing guitar more these days and Trevor is busy experimenting in Chord and his new solo project. Trevor always wants to bring in other instruments to the studio experience. Ataraxia was his creation.

You do not use any lyrics, but maybe you still have a message you want to tell through your songs?
Larry- I’m not good at this so I’ll quote Trevor: “The latest two releases are somewhat related – the last album was about hope in the face of futility, about seeking solace in friends and family when the knowledge that humanity’s course of self-destruction is inevitable and seemingly impossible to stop. The new one is similarly about this course of self-destruction, but it’s tone is a little darker because it is about facing that abyss and choosing your course in how you face it.”

What you are doing besides making music? What are your other interests?
Larry- I don’t have much free time these days. I play in another band called AEGES and I work full time. What free time i have is spent hiking and drinking. I’d like to learn guitar one day soon…

And, of course, the last question: What does ‘hope and passion’ mean to you?

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…a reason to live and experience things and work hard for things that are important to you.


Larry- These are the things that get me out of bed everyday. I always hope for a better tomorrow, that things will change for the best. Passion is a power human emotion. It’s a reason to live and experience things and work hard for things that are important to you. I work really hard to create, practice, perform, etc. I want my music to be as important to other people as it is to me. Its what gets me through the day. It brings people together. Music speaks a universal language.

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postrock / metal
from Chicago, USA


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