Youthkills - NBHAP InterviewSome newcomers make it slowly but constantly into the spotlight – not the worst way. And then there are the ones who came with a certain ‘boom’. It’s pretty clear that we can put British duo YOUTHKILLS into the second category and it’s all to due to their impressive first output – the epic single The Time Is Now. The band worked very patiently on the material of their upcoming debut album in the past years. And they worked in silence which makes us believe that James and Andy Taylor are born perfectionists and professionals. They’ve waited long enough to step out of the dark and come up with profound material that touches the hearts of as many people as possible.

The sons of Roger and Andy Taylor – members of the legendary 80s heroes DURAN DURAN – already made themselves a name in the scene of their home town London, now it looks like the rest of the world is ready for their captivating mixture of pop, rock, electronica and catchy melodies. After already presenting us a fancy exclusive guestmix a while ago, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to have James and Andy back at our magazine in the form of a little chat about their past, present and future.


To all the people of our readership who might not be familiar with your music. How would you describe the very essence of YOUTHKILLS?
Music made with a sense of urgency, love and passion. Organic electronics yet classic pop song writing format.


You seem to have a solid connection to Germany and especially Berlin, is that right?
We signed our deal in Germany and have written & recorded our album in Berlin & Düsseldorf. Over the past year we’ve got to know Germany very well, its become like our second home, we seem to feel a big connection to the place, and we cant wait to come and play live in the new year.


So, you’ve – almost – came out of nothing with your new single “The Time Is Now”. And it all looks and sounds quite professional – artwork, production, label, video etc. How long did it take you to get into this position?
We’ve solidly worked on this project for the past seven years, although its been through different carnations we’ve always had the same goals and aspirations for the band. We have finally met people on our same wavelengths and who share the same vision for the project. It’s a great feeling, and we are very excited about what the future holds.


By now we only know your stunning hit single and a couple of remixes from you. What else can we expect from your debut album in 2013?
The album is very dynamic and captures the highs and lows we’ve been through making the record, we really experimented with soundscaping, however the backbone to all our tracks is trying to achieve classic pop song writing, we think this is vital.


In retrospect – was it easier to get certain connections (like working with famous U2 and DEPECHE MODE producer Flood) since you are the sons of famous parents?
Who knows. Our paths have crossed with such amazing people and we are very happy to have worked with such talent. However this was done all on our own accord without any helping hands. We were just privileged enough for them to want to work with us.


You’ve done a couple of remixes the past and you’ve also said your remix work is inspired by SOULWAX. Do you have any favourite remix currently?
At the moment we’d say ALEX METRIC is something like the king of remixers, for us anyway. We are also massively into what GESAFFELSTEIN is doing at the moment, and one of our all time favourite club tracks is Blue Monday by NEW ORDER.


We’re called NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION and that’s actually what we are all about – what do ‘hope’ and ‘passion’ mean to you?
Well, basicly – what hope and passion means to us is MUSIC.

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rock / pop
from London, UK


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