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Find an overview of all interviews NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION has done with bands, artists and more right here.

On the Cultural Front: Tik Tu On the War in Ukraine and the Role of Music

More than a month after the beginning of the Russian war on Ukraine on February 24th, the strikes of the aggressor continue to devastate the country. To raise awareness and continue to support the country - financially and culturally, we updated our playlist in collaboration with the Lesik Omodada, drummer and producer of the band Tik Tu.

Ending 2020 On A High Note: The Avalanches Keep The Spark Of Hope Alive On Their Third Album

Following the legendary 16-year-gap between their first two albums the genre-breaking Australian group now returns with their relatively quick third album "We Will Always Love You." Following a year that was clearly lacking of hope and positive moments they couldn't have picked a better timing for their life-affirming pop cocktail. NBHAP head Norman Fleischer phoned up one half of the duo to discuss the process of making this record happen along with a few other subjects.

A New Set Of Rules: An Interview With The 1975’s Matt Healy On Closing The Band’s First Chapter

Almost a decade after first arriving on our musical map the British pop heavyweights have finally released their fourth full-length. It became a wild ride, yet a very personal reflection on Matt Healy's twenties and maybe the middle of this lockdown is the perfect moment to talk about what appears to be the end of an era for the group. NBHAP head and longtime The 1975 fan Norman Fleischer spoke with the band leader about past, present and partly also future.

What’s So Wrong With The Light? A Picture Puzzle Of Angel Olsen

Last year's sparkling and sprawling All Mirrors marked yet another giant leap for Angel Olsen towards indie stardom. A place where she belongs but that can also come with a very dangerous environment. Turns out: Olsen can teach us all a thing or two about how to ruthlessly reflect. How to take a look in the mirror – and what to make of the many illusions and delusions that come with it.

“Keep The Stereo On”: Bombay Bicycle Club On Artistic Progress And Finding Comfort In Music

Resurfacing with the first new material in years, the British four-piece is now back for good. Shortly before the release of their fifth studio album ‘Everything Else Has Gone Wrong’, we met up with drummer Suren de Saram to talk about the circumstances of their reunion, impacts of individual projects on the new songs, and keeping a bright mindset when facing dire times.

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