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Find an overview of all interviews NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION has done with bands, artists and more right here.

Who Wants To Be Famous? Indie Legends Stars On Their Legacy, Crowdfunding And How To Keep Going Strong

The Canadian pop veterans have endured the drastic transformations of the music industry for the past two decades and it is a little miracle they are still here, delivering one decent album after the other, most lately last year’s "From Capelton Hill". NBHAP authors Norman Fleischer and Andreas Peters share a mutual love of the group from the beginning of their career and sat down with Amy Millan on their recent Berlin tour stop to talk about about their life’s work.

Sonic Self-Portraiture: Nuha Ruby Ra On “Machine Like Me”

The unconventional artist Nuha Ruby Ra releases her second EP "Machine Like Me". A sonic experiment at its core, the music is driven by playfulness as well as the aim to deconstruct musical boundaries. We spoke to Nuha about the ideas behind the record and its making.

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