TheDas - Photo by Anna KO and Rosa Merk

Photo by Anna K.O. and Rosa Merk

The process of becoming a band quite often tends to be a long and winding road. After acclaimed German indietronic trio BODI BILL went on indefinite hiatus two-thirds of the band found themselves relocating their musical priorities. Fabian Fenk and Anton Feist took something that is quite rare these days in the music industry – time. Over the past years the two musicians slowly but steady shaped their project THE/DAS into a full band. Two previously released EP’s worked as a musical playground for the artists on the search for a new sound. And it looks like all the bits and pieces finally start to line-up as THE/DAS are about to release their debut album Freezer on August the 18th via label Sinnbus.

The duo emancipated itself from the shadow of BODI BILL although a lot of familiar elements are still part of it, especially Fenks voice. But the rest feels like a fresh update and a big goodie bag of pop ingredients. Freezer might also provide a little journey for all the listeners. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION sat down to ask Anton and Fabian the essential questions of life. Or at least the ones from our infamous ‘Introducing’-Q&A.

How would you describe your music to a deaf person?
Anton: It’s colourful but in the twilight, it can dazzle you and then again you have to fumble in the dark, touching unexpectedly something hot or cold…
Fabian: … friendly odors and distant voices covered by layers of chocolate ice cream or spinach wraps.

What are your favourite German words – and what are your favourite English ones?
A: German words can be funny for the English, mostly for the sound of them, I think. The same for me: English with a strong (English) accent sounds somewhat nice to me… I remember the sympathy I had, when the 1st album from THE STREETS came out.
F: wig, fig, stick, big… neu, heu, gebräu, scheu

Would you rather be a dragon or have a dragon?
A: I’d rather be a dragon. I wouldn’t want to spend all the money to feed a dragon. Or what do they eat actually?
F: I think I’d prefer to have one, so it could take me and my sweet girl on a trip through the clouds all the way to the rainbow racoons, sometimes diving into big waterfalls… spitting fire not so much, rather total cheese-town!

If you’re music would be a film how would you describe it?
A: It should be a French 60s/70s-movie. With all those nice colours, dresses, automobiles. Looks quite aesthetic to me. I’d engage J.P. Belmondo… he’s always grinning. I like that.
F: … yeah, I’d like that!! Or, 10.000 Leagues Under The Sea with Kirk Douglas and Cpt. Nemo. Would be thrilling to hear Freezer under water while Nemo’s grim workers walk the ocean’s bed in their pre-hysteric deep sea diver costumes.

What is the worst or most disappointing record you ever (accidentally) bought?
A: Ohh, can’t remember. I usually listen before buying, except on the flea market. But then it’s only a euro, and I’m not too sad about it.

The music & culture industry is currently about to redefine itself. Do you feel like being completely and utterly at the its mercy, or should things be seen as a chance for artists?
A: I think the rules of the game (the modern information-society) change the music and culture industry and the way people (it’s still people, not computers) interact/create. The worst rule is: information/creativity is for free and only the distributing network for this has to be paid (directly or indirectly by giving away personal information to the servers). Somehow this should be the other way around. If for instance, everybody would pay some micro-amount for using other persons contributions to the internet, whatever this could be (photos, informations, music, stories), this would change the whole story and the understanding of ‘the network’ (in a network nothing has to be copied, because ‘it’s there’, and everybody can see, who is responsible for a certain contribution and whose idea it is). There is no special ‘chance’ for artists, they should go on making their art and don’t lose their integrity and authenticity, because of having to try to make a living. Maybe, in the not so far future this will be dissolved in a fair way. Hope and passion… (laughs)

THE/DAS will play an official release show for ‘Freezer’ at the Prince Charles in Berlin on August the 15. Find all information on the event right here.