ELOHIM is an LA-based producer and musician who lit up the blogs a few months ago with her track She Talks Too Much, which was a lush piece of electro-pop, centred on the irksome topic of braindead loudmouths. And now’s she’s back with her second track, Xanax.

While She Talks Too Much wasn’t exactly a convention party record, it was at least set at one. Xanax, as the title suggests, occupies a very different mood. The track is gorgeously produced, a hazy, dreamy sonic soundscape, everything from the drums to the vocal effects precision-engineered. But what really stands out about Xanax is the emotional range ELOHIM manages to squeeze into the song, from the fear and drama of “have you ever had the feeling where you just don’t want to breathe” to the mundane resignation in the repetition of the chorus-“every day of my life”. Xanax is a snapshot into a fraught 21st century existence of being depressed, about being on prescription meds but too anxious to break away from them. She Talks Too Much and Xanax are out now as a double A-side single on B3SCI Records.