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Everything about the healing potential of music and sound.

Fabric of Dreams: Joy Bogat On Softness, Motherhood, and Her New Record

Hanover-based musician Joy Bogat bursts into the room with her powerful new album “Fabric of Dreams”. Sailing through RnB, spoken word, and soul, she reminds us that showing vulnerability is not for the weak - and the only ingredient that makes the connection with other humans so compelling. Ahead of her Germany tour, we caught up with Joy.

Lucky Lo On the Realities of Low-Budget Touring and Mental Health

Lucky Lo makes music for the gentle-hearted, turning traumatic experiences into organic-sounding alt-pop. Together with her band, the Swedish singer Lo Ersare is currently touring her recent album "The Big Feel". In this guest article, Lo writes about the realities of low-budget touring and mental health struggles on the road.

Jordan Mackampa on the Freeing Power of Not Giving a F*ck

With almost four years having passed since his last major release Foreigner back in 2020, Jordan Mackampa reports back with "Welcome Home, Kid!". A record bursting with confidence, self-acceptance and joy, all packed up in an ecstatic blend of R’n’B, funk, gospel and rap. NBHAP editor Felicia had the chance to talk to the Londoner singer-songwriter about the process behind their new record and newly formed prerogative.

Becoming Conscious of the Unconscious: Laura Carbone On “The Good”

The alternative singer Laura Carbone shares her thoughts on the recently released winter single "The Good". Her writing journey takes her back to connecting with spiritual guides and her father's jokes. In this guest article, Laura muses about her songwriting process, finding inspiration in the spiritual realm and tapping into the unconsciousness.

Community Music Therapy: How Zainab Lax Uses Music to Empower and Heal

Zainab Lax's music isn't just a series of notes; it's a journey of self-discovery, cultural fusion, and positive transformation. In our conversation, we unravel her sonic journey, from early harp lessons to practising community music therapy. Join us as we explore the resonance of her sounds and the impact of her innovative initiatives on healing and empowerment.

“Queer Visibility Saved My Life”: Sedric Perry on Music as a Healing Vehicle

The singer Sedric Perry released the playful songs "It Girl" and "Papi Champu" earlier this year. They are a celebration of queerness and a return to finding healing and joy in music after dark times. In this week's feature, Sedric Perry talks about fucking with gender norms, finding his place in community and the music that shaped him.

Love, Loss, and “the Duality of It All”: McKinley Dixon on “Beloved! Paradise! Jazz!?”

McKinley Dixon released his fourth full-length record "Beloved! Paradise! Jazz!?" in June of 2023. The album is named after the (unofficial) Beloved-trilogy by US-American author Toni Morrison and, similarly to the themes of the novels, explores feelings of love, loss, and pain found in the Black experience. NBHAP editor Felicia had the chance to sit down with the New York-based rapper to talk about family, the Harlem Renaissance, and remembrance.

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