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Everything about the healing potential of music and sound.

Give Up Or Go Your Own Way: Circling In The Triumphant Tale Of Mary Anne’s Polar Rig

The Swedish duo is one of the latest buzzing acts of the newcomer scene from Malmö and made a blasted return with their sophomore record this spring. NBHAP editor Andreas caught up with them for their Berlin appearance earlier in June to chat about passion for what they do, the process of evolving and essential priorities in the music business.

Having A Voice and Being A Voice: The XJAZZ! Experience With Dumama

Berlin-based sound artist and singer Dumama has a special relationship to XJAZZ!. Following the event in May, Dumama now shares a live video of their performances. Working with the body and voice as modes of tapping into ancestral vibrations, Dumama collaborates with many artists across Berlin's boundary-pushing music scene. Read her personal reflections on the festival below.

Politics of Hope: Lie Ning Releases Their Debut Album “Utopia”

The Berlin-based artist Lie Ning has long been a name in the local RnB and pop circles. Now they finally released their debut "Utopia". NBHAP author Anna Grubauer met the singer for a chat about concepts of utopia, mainstream pop and calling out the exclusivity of the white male-dominated German music landscape.

From Anger Towards Healing: Chloe Gallardo On The Bleak Struggle Of Her Debut

Hailing from Orange County and just releasing her long-awaited debut record, the US-American singer-songwriter has stepped out from a dark place into spaces of healing and progress. NBHAP editor Andreas chatted up the artist around the release of “Defamator” and talked about the origins of the songs, cathartic relief and the sweetness of revenge.
In a wide shot Annahstasia sits in the middle of the room. Her long braids float upward and out of the frame. she is wearing a textured dress made of red and purple fabric.

“I Put My Whole Heart Out On the Table”: Annahstasia on her Debut “Revival”

First loves tend to stay with us for the rest of our lives. For LA-based singer Annahstasia, this first love was music. After struggling with music industry pitfalls, discrimination and doubt, her debut "Revival" is a confidently vulnerable return to musical expression. In conversation with Alexandra Gulzarova she opens up about rediscovering feminity, folk music and breaking stereotypes.

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