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Daily Tune

— 16/04/2021

The UK-based Sinead O’Brien is a creative all-round talent. Coming from a design background, the artist found new ways of expressing herself through spoken-word style songwriting. Kid Stuff follows the debut EP Drowning in Blessings and is equally quirky. Between literary influences and a boundary-bending post-punk attitude, the single is a small cosmos of condensed artistic vision. The artist recounts twangy verses, their edges and corners not quite fitting onto the steely instrumentation but in that discrepancy lies the unique vibe of her output. Kid Stuff fits right into the UK’s rising spoken-word scene. Sinead O’Brien might be a new name on the block but one that leaves a lingering impression.





“Who Is Bobby Charles?” – Raf Rundell Reflects On The Almost Forgotten Classic LP From 1972

London's multi-talent Raf Rundell just released his new album "O.M Days" which is packed with funky grooves and explores new musical territory leading the artist on a spiritual journey. Positive energy is the leading line through and you can really sense the multiple influences that shaped the record. We invited Raf to give us a little insight into an almost fifty year old record that shaped him on the way to becoming the refined and versatile musician he is today.
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