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Daily Tune

— 03/12/2021

San Francisco-based songwriter Glenn Donaldson has been quite productive in recent years. He’s been dropping one new album each year since 2019 and a fourth one is already on the horizon for next February. With Pour The Light In we get a lovely teaser of the new material which Donaldson releases under the moniker The Reds, Pinks And Purples. Just like the title implies it’s a song that spreads warmth, hope and a much needed positive notion in the troubled times we all live in. According to the artist the title phrase came to him by reversing the Magazine song title The Light Pours Out Of Me. He furthermore adds: “My song describes a spiritual rebirth, maybe wondering if such a thing can happen and if it can lift a person out of despair.” And yes, we gotte say that track really does lift the spirit. So, in case you are in search for a soulful track to guide you through the cold, let it be this one by The Reds, Pinks & Purples today. His new album Summer At Land’s End is set to arrive on February 4.

The Old, The New And The Timeless: A Conversation With Nils Frahm

Over the course of this pandemic lot of us felt the urge to rearrange our lives, reflect on the way we live, and make room for new experiences. For beloved composer Nils Frahm his new album "Old Friends, New Friends" was a beautiful opportunity to do exactly that in musical form. Just in time for its release, he sat down with NBHAP author Anna Stich to talk about immortality, melancholy, friendship, and a few other things.

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NBHAP’s 50 Best Albums Of 2021

Another year goes by and it was... well, definitely different than the last one but still quite weird. The second consecutive Covid year was a rollercoaster ride of emotions where hope and despair went hand in hand and we're surely finished yet. Luckily, this resulted in quite outstanding musical releases which gave us much needed comfort and distraction in these difficult times. Today, we're honouring the fifty records that meant the most to us in the past twelve months.

NBHAP’s 50 Best Songs Of 2021

It's been a turbulent and confusing year in many mays. But there's one thing the second pandemic year in a row hasn't been lacking of: plenty of good music to get us through these months of uncertainty between hope and despair. And for those of you who might have lost track in the daily storm of new releases we got you covered once again with a mighty list that includes those tracks that we'll connect with 2021 forever