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“Where Do You Wanna Fly”: Aka Kelzz On Creating a Home And Living Their Dreams

What started as a pandemic project turned out to be the manifestation of lifelong dreams. Singer Aka Kelzz explores self-expression, honesty, and safety in the community in their 2022 release "The Drama Series". In this week's Introducing feature, the artist talks about the process of finding out what they wanted.

New Beginnings And New Orders: Tuvaband On The Hopeful Tale Of Her Fourth Album

How to see the positive in a global crisis? In the wake of the Covid-pandemic many people found themselves re-evaluating their lives and goals. Gloomy Norwegian indie-folk artist Tuvaband wrote an entire record around that feeling of new beginnings and comforting power of change, resulting in a first musical highlight of the year 2023. In conversation with NBHAP’s Norman Fleischer the Norwegian shares a few more insights on her fascinating new album.

The Murder Capital, WILDES, Siv Jakobsen And More: NBHAP’s January Favourites

Every third Friday of the month we are releasing a round-up of reviews of recent releases that moved us the most. These are the personal takes on hand-curated gems our team dug up (and the occasional chart topper), this time with Billy Nomates, WILDES, CVC, Siv Jakobsen, The Murder Capital and Lakecia Benjamin. What will be your favourite?

“Let Everything Come Out”: Breaking Free With WILDES On Her Stunning Debut

There is a new indie-folk prodigy in town you should all know about. Hailing from London, Ella Walker, alias WILDES, has just released her breathtaking debut “Other Words Fail Me”, which channels the severe progress from tormenting heartbreak towards personal liberation. NBHAP editor Andreas zoomed up the artist for an extensive chat about all of that.