Daily Tune

— 30/09/2020

Irish artist April didn’t have to wait long to establish herself – the songs that made up her debut EP New Conditions had instant appeal, colourful, dreamy pop songs that showed she had a vision and knew how to execute it. Now she’s back with a new EP, Luna, and the latest single from it is Watching You Disappear. It still sounds like the old April, but breaks new ground for her sound – a little funk drips into the mix here, living in the rippling bassline that gives the song its slippery, liquid groove. One of April‘s strengths is making a recognisable feeling really shine through a song, and Watching You Disappear is a great example of that, with its knowingly self-destructive longing (“the longer the waiting, the sweeter the call“) and lysergic sense of reality slipping spun into smooth, honeyed pop. April says: ““I wrote Watching You Disappear at a time I was going out loads and doing things to take my mind off things and feelings, so the title is basically about me watching someone fade away in my mind as I preoccupy my brain! I used to listen to “I’ll Come Too” by James Blake every night I’d go out, so I put the lyric ‘I’m in that kinda mood’ in my song as a little homage”. Luna is out on October 23.


Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: Jono McCleery

The charismatic songwriter delivers a smooth piece of laidback bliss on his latest single "Follow". Catch it now in our newcomer playlist along with fresh material from Spunsugar, Pls Pls Me, Aalok Bala, Lupin and other new talents.
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Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: SOFIA

The Norwegian artist returns with a lovely new single called "Where To Go" and you can catch it now in our newcomer playlist along with tracks from Liam Thomas, Pillow Queens, We Will Kaleid, The Holy, Pixey and more. NBHAP author Austin Maloney took the time to catch up with the beloved artist.
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Streaming In The Post Corona Age: It’s Not About The Right Services, It’s About Fairness

With the current shutdown of the live music industry the majority of artists are facing one giant existential crisis throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Suddenly, there’s an urgency to talk about the value of art and music again and about what part the current streaming scene plays in this. NBHAP head Norman Fleischer took a moment to reflect on the current crisis and a possible way out of it.
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One Month Of Music: A Personal September 2020 Recap by Norman Fleischer

How do you keep an overview about the countless new releases in the world of music? Well, easier said than done but thank god the staff of NBHAP keeps an overview. In this column one from the team personnally reflects on the past four weeks and the music that matters during this time. This time it's the turn of CEO Norman to ramble about our favourite passion in the world.
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