Daily Tune

— 19/01/2021

Knocking off a tumultuous start right after their first EP (headlining the Viennese Popfest, touring with Courtney Barnett) and 2019’s successful debut Teenage Years Are Over, Austrian surf garage-rock three-piece formation Dives are now ready to take off – although the title of their newest single Stay Right Here, might suggest otherwise. This one is actually a re-work of an album track from their debut, and it kicks off with a scratchy base line, fused with wistful electric guitars, just as the brooding vocals gently glide over these bleak hills. It wouldn’t really be a Dives song, if this mood weren’t about to be cracked up and get these guitars ringing in your ears – and that is exactly what they do in the chorus. For all the raging qualities the three-piece managed to squeeze out of the tune, the brilliant vocal harmonies that gently add layer over layer to the sonic palette, create a buzzing vibe that might easily give comfort during a late night stroll through the January cold.



Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: Lokoy

Sløtface bassist Lasse Lokøy teases his forthcoming debut album with a new Nils Bech collaboration and we interviewed the aspiring artist about it. Our latest playlist update also features music by the newcomers Dolphins, Mei River, NewDad, Rats On Rafts and more.
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Beyond Linearity: Introducing Experimental Producer Ai Fen

The musician and producer Ai Fen released her debut "postforever" early last year before the pandemic hit. Playing with the concepts of time and bending the boundaries of contemporary production, the record is urgently modern. Now the artist teamed up with several other producers for take it a step further: "post postforever" is a record full of experiments, surprises, and questions. NBHAP author Natálie Zehnalová takes a closer look at it.
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Melancholic Marriage: Swedish Sad Pop Duo Wy Make An Intimate Return With “Come Here”

Malmö-based two piece Wy have been love at first listen for us at NBHAP ever since they first showed up on our musical radar four years ago. Following two hauntingly beautiful albums Ebba and Michel Gustafsson Ågren are now returning with a third full-length in May, shaped by the Covid crisis but also their own relationship. "Marriage" appears to be a fitting title for it. Today, we're debuting a first track from it exclusively on NBHAP and also took a moment to catch up with the duo.
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Shame On You, 2021! An Outlook On The New Year By The British Rockers

The new year is barely two weeks old and we're already pretty tired by it, maybe because we all still carry the luggage from 2020 with us. What a weird couple of months it has been but there's still hope for the future right. Shame, for a example, are finally back with their second studio album this week. So, we thought maybe they could help us to put this new year in perspective.
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