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Daily Tune

— 30/07/2021

If you’ve been following NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION at least a bit throughout the past year you should have heard of British four-peace Bleach Lab as we’ve been rooting for them for a quite a while now. After giving us great tracks like Old Ways and Never Be plus a great debut EP they are now back with a brand new single callled Real Thing. Produced by a true icon of the British indie music world – Stephen Street (who worked with The Smiths and The Cranberries before) – it plays out familar strengths of the group but also introduces a more defined and sharped sound of the band. It still got that dreamy shoegazy vibe of their previous releases but also puts their really profound songwriting more into the focus. Songwriter Jenny Kyle explains the notion of the song: “Real Thing is about wanting to find a more meaningful and lasting connection with someone. I had been processing a lot of issues over the last couple of years to do with previous relationships and personal development, and I had finally reached a place where I felt I was in the right state of mind to be open to looking for something new.” Needless to say, the rooting for Bleach Lab continues on our side and it’s a great final Daily Tune pick before we’re heading into the summer break.




Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: Aasma

The beloved Swedish artist returns with a sparkling new single. "Canoes" is leading the final update of our newcomer playlist before the summer break. Also included are songs by KUOKO, Aunty Social, Samia, Noha Saré and other talents you should know about.
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A Gentle Start Into An Unusual Festival Season: Laura Carbone Curates Her Own “Cosmic Dreaming” Event

Beloved Berlin-based musician Laura Carbone got the chance to curate and organize a small festival at Festsaal Kreuzberg. From poetry readings to indie rock, Cosmic Dreaming rounds up a circle of local artists playing together for the first time. NBHAP author Liv Toerkell spoke to the musician before the show about the experience of organizing an event and returning to the stage.
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“Is This (Really) It”?: The Strokes’ Undying Classic Turns 20 And Remains A Buzzing Rock Monument

The group’s seminal debut of 2001 not only marked one of the first hypes of the Internet era, but also initiated a wave-like revival of garage rock, surging up the post-millenial indie movement that still reverberates to this day. Nearing the album’s twentieth, NBHAP author Andreas went down memory lane to reflect upon the record that is one, if not the most remarkable of 2000’s rock albums.
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