Daily Tune

— 03/04/2020

‘Hold on, I know that face’, you might say when you watch the video to our latest Daily Tune. Yes, you saw right, Maya Hawke from Stranger Things has gone musician and is about to release her debut record Blush. By Myself is one of the singles from the forthcoming album and speaks about the problem of projecting one’s ideas onto other people. The tender ballad reveals the talent the actress, obviously, has for singing. Her vocals sounds serene and clear as she sings ‘I prefer my dreams of you’,  accompanied by a melancholic guitar melody making it the perfect dreamy folk tune to get you through another Friday in self isolation.




Late Night Talks: Leaving Things In The Dark With Niklas Paschburg

The German composer Niklas Paschburg takes us on a journey to a place where the sun never shines, into the blue, with his latest album 'Svalbard'. NBHAP editor Liv Toerkell sat down with the artist in the middle of the night to dive beyond the surface of the art. Enjoy the first edition of our new "Late Night Talks" series.
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“Each Song Is A Kind Of Colour”: UK Newcomers Sorry On Experiencing The Visual Side Of Sound

Ahead of the forthcoming release of their debut '925', we met up with Sorry's Asha Lorenz. The band's lead opened up on the random nature of songwriting, how each track on the album is rooted in another emotion and elaborated on the means of painting a picture with music. Well, we did not quite manage to match a colour to the individual songs, but it nevertheless brightened up our understanding of the act.
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Pink Floyd

Lockdown Listening Challenge: One Week To Get To The Essence Of Pink Floyd

The current age of self isolation is forcing us to be creative, kill some time and maybe also do something we've never done before. Listening to music can be a great way of coping with the current situation and we decided to make a little challenge out of it. NBHAP head Norman continues his journey to explore bands he never explored before by giving the mighty back catalogue of prog rock icons Pink Floyd way more attention than he did in the past.
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