Daily Tune

— 30/10/2020

The first notes are struck and you already feel like you have landed in the very middle of a fairytale world. With her latest single Faces, rising British artist Chloe Rodgers is creating an ethereal sound scenery that is ready to let you drift off into universes just as otherworldly as her angelic vocal performance presents itself. Atmospheric, sublime and yet of a minimalistic degree, the tune develops a gracious stream, which is brooding of lyrical emotional intensity. There is a good reason to call the song Faces, pointing to the plural nature of a feeling, as the songwriter explains: “The first half of Faces is about one of the loveliest days I’ve had where I felt so connected to my friends and the universe. The second half is about one of the worst days of my life where I felt like I was being eaten alive by paranoia and fear, I really thought I wasn’t going to make it out alive that day”. To have put that into such a moving piece of music is a real stroke of luck. And you should all tune into it right here.


Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: The Lathums

The buzzing newcomers deliver a catchy argument for the timelessness of British guitar music. Don't miss their new single "I See Your Ghost" on top of our newcomer playlist, along with exciting new picks by HighSchool, Joni, Laura Fell, Luca Wilding, Villa Rivercat and more.
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No Music On A Dead Planet: Why NBHAP Supports “Music Declares Emergency”

We're living in the middle of a life-threatening environmental crisis and despite an increased understanding in the minds of many people there’s still not enough action that is taken to actively turn the wheel around. The music industry is just another part of our society that’s still too silent when it comes to this topic. Music Declares Emergency wants to change that and here NBHAP Norman Fleischer explains why he actively decided to support the organization a few months ago.
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One Month Of Music: A Personal October Recap by Liv Toerkell

How do you keep an overview about the countless new releases in the world of music? Well, easier said than done but thank god the staff of NBHAP keeps an overview. In this column one from the team personnally reflects on the past four weeks and the music that matters during this time. This time it's the turn of Liv Toerkell to ramble about our favourite passion in the world.
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