Daily Tune

— 01/08/2019

Hello kids! It’s that time of the year again. Our beloved Daily Tune section is taking a well-deserved break in August so we can recharge our batteries and collect plenty of new music for all of you. In the meantime don’t hesitate to check out the official Daily Tune Playlist on Spotify and sign up for our automatic Daily Tune Messanging Service on Facebook which will send you the new songs directly into your inbox once they return in September.




Dance Against Despair: The Euphoric Return Of Friendly Fires

The indie-pop trio spent most of this decade trying to get back together as friends and musicians and now return just in time for a world that could really need more love and positivity. The story of the long way back to their third LP "Inflorescent" is a relatable reminder that some things just need a bit longer.
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Groenland Records: Fine Sträter, Mareike Hettler and Lenz Hein

Label In Focus: German Indie Institution Groenland Records Turns 20

Born out of pure necessity the small German record label grew to become a steady force in the music scene over the past two decades. Thanks to their passion and special philosophy Groenland Records have become a constant in a changing musical environment and NBHAP head Norman took the big anniversary as fitting chance to catch up with the label and some of its most acclaimed artists.
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