Daily Tune

— 22/01/2021

Sometimes a great remix can lift the quality of a song to a new level – but it’s even more fascinating when you hear the rework before the original. This barely happens but it’s actually the case in this fascinating new joint venture by German experimental pop duo We Will Kaleid (who we introduced last year) and beloved composer Jan Wagner (who we also interviewed last year and who also produced that great Rosa Anschütz debut album). The composer completely rearranged Mute, a yet to be released new single from the band and even without knowing the original the result is pretty stunning. Built on a small vocal loop Wagner needs less than four minutes to create a haunting cinematic soundtrack around it. It’s one of those songs that really makes you stop and listen and actually longs for an even longer journey. Maybe we’ll get it. The original will most likely be featured on the band’s upcoming second EP Aphasiac which will arrive later this spring.


Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: Lokoy

Sløtface bassist Lasse Lokøy teases his forthcoming debut album with a new Nils Bech collaboration and we interviewed the aspiring artist about it. Our latest playlist update also features music by the newcomers Dolphins, Mei River, NewDad, Rats On Rafts and more.
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Beyond Linearity: Introducing Experimental Producer Ai Fen

The musician and producer Ai Fen released her debut "postforever" early last year before the pandemic hit. Playing with the concepts of time and bending the boundaries of contemporary production, the record is urgently modern. Now the artist teamed up with several other producers for take it a step further: "post postforever" is a record full of experiments, surprises, and questions. NBHAP author Natálie Zehnalová takes a closer look at it.
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