Daily Tune

— 25/11/2020

Christen Lien is a Los Angeles based violinist and performance artist who primarily has roots in classical music. So this rap-soaked beat-heavy remix of her song The Great Escape is quite the different experience than the original. In collaboration producer Gordon Williams, D4NGERBOY, and Ill Camille gave the song a different persona. Against the backdrop of Lien’s classical string arrangement, the rapped verses gain a unique monumentum. The lyrics speak of urgent societal issues and enhanced by the music video showing snippets from the civil rights movement, a George Floyd mural, and burning forests, The Great Escape turns into a critique of modern day living, injustices, and the capitalist system.


Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: Allysha Joy

The mesmerizing neo-soul of "Better" is opening our newcomer playlist this week, along with new tracks by more fresh talent from Ava Vegas, Claire Rosinkranz, Biig Piig, Dominic Wolf and other. Don't you dare missing this update!
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