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Jonas Alaska

Daily Tune

— 26/11/2021

Four singles into their career the Chicago-based trio Horsegirl seem to have come across a recipe for success. Noisy guitars, fuzzy melodies, and the chants of several voices, give their music an undeniable urgency. Billy, their latest release, explores vocals from an almost spoken-word style to punky shouts, while the distorted guitar riffs create a uniformly noisy backdrop for lyrical experiments. The fictional character, Billy, wanders through the mundanities of life but Horsegirl manage to find a creative way to make the small things in life interesting. When writing the track, the trio was influences by New Zealand underground bands from the 90s. “With that scrappiness in mind, we worked the rest of the song out through improvising together, and ‘Billy’ quickly fell into place”, they say about the writing process.

Island Of Noise In The Pandemic Storm: How Synästhesie 2021 Went Covid-Safe

From the depths of German Krautrock comes the sixth edition of the Synästhesie Festival. Backed by the beloved local music hot spot – the 8MM bar, which already put artists like Gurr and Sofia Portanet on our radar – the festival unites Berlin’s favorites alongside international acts. Needless to say, organizing a large indoor festival ahead of another wave of Covid in Germany, is quite the task. Yet, after what felt like a dozen documents to scan – vaccinated and additionally tested – festival-goers were invited into the industrial chambers of the Kesselhaus once again.

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As Young As Yesterday: ‘An Album By Korallreven’ Turns 10 And Deserves A Rediscovery

In the cold November of 2011 two friends from Sweden released a tropical dose of sweet musical escapism which invited the listener to explore a textured fantasy world. On top of it that album was also loaded with lots of pop musical references which made NBHAP head Norman immediately fall in love back then. One decade that flame of love is still burning strong so he decided to track down Marcus Joons and Daniel Tjäder, the people responsible for this hidden musical treasure.

Voyage To Nostalgia: The ABBA Comeback Album Is The Next Logical Step Of Their Legacy Preservation

“You are the hologram queen, ageless and sweet, over 70” … after decades of hoping and wishing the mighty Swedish pop icons are indeed returning to the spotlight with a new studio album and a ridiculously ambitious virtual comeback tour. You have all the right to be annoyed but that … but you could also respect that decision. In the wake of the anticipated release NBHAP head and longtime ABBA admirer Norman Fleischer found himself reflecting on the bittersweet notion of this pop historical event.