Daily Tune

— 21/05/2019

A waterproofed walkman? Now, that’s a way to start your music video. And the rest of Tides clearly follows that ‘retro’ idea German songwriter Simon Graupner likes to create with his alter ego Shelter Boy. Mirage Morning is the name of his freshly released debut EP and on it you’ll find more summerly indie-pop like this, channelling the laidback vibe of acts like Mac DeMarco and Real Estate. On the other end Tides also got this really catchy hook which makes it quite an iressistible companion for the forthcoming sunny season, don’t you agree? If you happen to be in Berlin this week – Shelter Boy is taking the stage at this Thursday’s INTRODUCING event, presented by NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION.




Breaking The Clichés: Larkin Poe Are The Living Proof That Blues Is Not Dead Yet

When I say Blues, a vivid image probably crosses your mind: somewhere in the deep South of the United States, a man, an acoustic guitar that has had better days, a scarcely lit bar around midnight, a half-empty glass of whiskey. But the genre is much more relevant than just a moody soundtrack to a post-breakup movie scene. We met the Blues Duo Larkin Poe, who shatter all clichés with fierce girl power and a contemporary twist to playing the Blues.
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