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The world we live in is becoming more fast-paced and diversified than ever before. It might seem hard not to drown in the myriad of possibilities and some of us decide to simply live rather than to create life. But there are people who want more. People who are creative and like to live through their creativity. People who acknowledge art and passion and know about their force.

NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is driven by independent minds who appreciate the power of creativity and love the good old fashioned emotional force music can have. Despite all contemporary distractions we think music still matters, can provide guidance and alternatives in an ever-changing society. That’s what we’ve always been about since starting this platform back in 2010: The love for music, the stories behind it and the opportunity to spread good music, raise awareness for artists that deserve your love and attention. NBHAP is your number one spot to take care of these things, in a ‘quality over quantity’ manner.

For those who give a bit more to life

We are open-minded, music-loving creative writers, photographers and curators, driven by hope and passion and always interested in new adventures and people who join the gang, no matter on what side of the planet you are located. But please be aware that we all run this magazine on a voluntarily and non-profit-based foundation at the moment. If you are interested in joining us, please drop a mail to contact[at]



How do I get in touch?

NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is an independent magazine, run by passionate and dedicated people. We’re based in Berlin but don’t think in country borders. We’re open for collaborations and new talent but please be aware that we can only feature topics and content that fits to the people and idea of NBHAP in any form. So the best is to use one of the contact ways we are about to name. Please keep the spam away, thanks ;-)

How do I get my music on NBHAP?

Please submit your releases (and only musical releases) to music[at] There is no guarantee we’ll feature your music and please don’t take it personally if we won’t reply to every mail you sent us. Trust us: we get a looooot of mails.

Please note: We’re NOT supporting physical submissions at all, so please refrain from sending us promo CDs or other to our offices.

I want to collaborate with you guys from a marketing perspective. What to do?

NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is far more than just a brand. It’s also an idea packed with creativity and idealism, crafted by people on an independent and passionate level. For us, an economic cooperation is not just a one-way street. Like our music we carefully select with what partners we team up. But if you can warm our hearts and minds for something be sure you get a lot in return. If you want to discuss a marketing or advertorial joint venture please send your mail to coop[at]

How can I follow you guys?

Of course, NBHAP is also on various social media channels, so don’t forget to hit the ‘Follow’ button at: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify.

Anything else?

Parts of us are also running a small agency for digital communication and campaign strategies, specifically designed to provide creative and sustainable solutions in those accelerared times. We’re called SUPERUNKNOWN and you can inform yourself right here about it.