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Who We Are

NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is an independent music magazine driven by an international community of freelance creative writers, photographers and curators passionate about music and art. Ever since starting this platform back in 2010, we believe that music matters now more than ever and can create a deeper purpose in a constantly changing society. In our fast-paced digitalized music world, NBHAP wants to provide musical guidance, curating new musical acts you should know about and raising awareness for artists and their stories in a quality over quantity manner.

How To Get Involved

As open-minded and music-loving creatives, we are always interested in new endeavors and people to join the gang, no matter on what side of the planet you are located. Please be aware that we run this magazine on a voluntary and non-profit basis at the moment. If you are interested in joining us, please drop a mail to contact[at]


How To Get Music On NBHAP

Please submit your musical releases to music[at] There is no guarantee that we will feature your music and please don’t take it personally if we won’t reply to every mail you sent us.

Please note: We’re NOT supporting physical submissions, so please refrain from sending us promo CDs or other to our offices.

How To Collaborate With Us

NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is far more than just a brand. It is an idea packed with creativity and idealism, crafted by people on an independent level. For us, an economic cooperation is never just a one-way street. Like our music we carefully select with what partners we team up. If you can warm our hearts and minds for something, be sure you get a lot in return. If you want to pitch a marketing or advertorial joint venture please send your mail to coop[at]