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It is our dedication to anticipate the future of music, looking for exciting talents and artists you should know about. NBHAP’s brand new ‘Introducing’ section is the place for taste pioneers, musical enthusiasts and those of you who would like to be there before the hype kicks in.

Unraveled Emotions: Becky Sikasa Releases A Soulful Ode to the Complexity of Love

The Edinburgh-based singer Becky Sikasa follows her debut "Twelve Wooden Boxes" with the new single "Work of Love". In conversation with Anna Grubauer, she talks about complex emotions and her artistic journey from growing up in Bavaria to exploring creative communities in Scotland's capital. Keep reading and tune into our Introducing playlist to get to know Becky Sikasa and her sound.

“In Nomine Corpus”: Cindy Pooch on Somatic Songwriting and Polyphony

The Cameroonian singer and musician Cindy Pooch released her debut EP "Issemou" earlier this year. Using her voice as the main instrument, it taps into polyphone tradition and seeks out a connection to the body. We spoke to the artist to find out what's behind her debut and future musical projects.

The Echo Of Fascination: Meeting Lore Vain

Rebranding indie-rock with velvety vocals and dreamy guitars, Berlin-based artist Lore Vain is stepping into a brand new era with her upcoming album "Agony The Muse". With an emphasis on the importance of creative control, she talks to us about writing in different languages and the magic of finding her own sound.

Beyond the Coded Binaries: Follow the Cyborg with Miss Grit

The artist Margaret Sohn releases their debut LP as Miss Grit. Using the creative alter ego to explore boundary breaking sounds and concepts of futuristic technology, the world they create is as unique as it is intriguing. This week we delve into their sound and update our Introducing playlist with brand new songs by artists like mui zyu, Hand Habits, Alaska Reid and more.

Drawn By The Tides: Vargkvint On The Mysteries Of The Moon And The Ocean

The Swedish singer and stop-motion animator, Vargkvint just released her sophomore record via LEITER. "Månens hav" is an ambient composition of songs that have a highly conceptual character. Tracing the connections between the moon, the ocean, and humanity, we peel back the instrumental layers of the album in our extended conversation with the artist.

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