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Meet interesting newcomers and get to know their sounds and stories.

On Green Touring: A Conversation with Musician and Ecologist Ditty

Singer and songwriter Ditty makes music that is uplifting while talking about important societal and political themes. Based between Berlin and New Delhi, she just released her new EP "Skin". In conversation with NBHAP editor Nadia Says, Ditty shares thoughts on her music as well as her work as an ecologist. 

“Queer Visibility Saved My Life”: Sedric Perry on Music as a Healing Vehicle

The singer Sedric Perry released the playful songs "It Girl" and "Papi Champu" earlier this year. They are a celebration of queerness and a return to finding healing and joy in music after dark times. In this week's feature, Sedric Perry talks about fucking with gender norms, finding his place in community and the music that shaped him.

In Full Bloom: Maria Basel Talks About the Therapeutic Power of Songwriting

The singer and pianist from Wuppertal, Maria Basel released her debut record "Bloom", on which she blends classical influences with pop, electronic and RnB. In this week's Introducing feature, she talks about how her classical background shaped her understanding of music and the therapeutic aspect of songwriting. Check out the playlist update with quiet indie folk and pop gems linked below.

An Introduction to the Parallel Universes of Alt-Pop Singer hemlocke springs

The singer hemlocke springs released her first single "gimme all ur luv" in 2022 via TikTok and it went viral. Now, the alternative pop artist with a unique DIY sound is releasing her debut EP "going...going...GONE!" and speaks to NBHAP about her approach to making music and how life is very much not going as planned. Tune into the collaborative playlist linked below the interview.

In Motion: Indie Soul Artist Anna Hauss on Her Solo Debut “how long is now”

The Berlin-based singer Anna Hauss released her first solo album "how long is now". In an extended conversation with NBHAP, she talks about the struggles of being a female solo artist, the process of writing the record and her thoughts on the question that the record poses. Alongside the interview, we updated our Introducing Playlist in collaboration with Anna Hauss.

Unraveled Emotions: Becky Sikasa Releases A Soulful Ode to the Complexity of Love

The Edinburgh-based singer Becky Sikasa follows her debut "Twelve Wooden Boxes" with the new single "Work of Love". In conversation with Anna Grubauer, she talks about complex emotions and her artistic journey from growing up in Bavaria to exploring creative communities in Scotland's capital. Keep reading and tune into our Introducing playlist to get to know Becky Sikasa and her sound.

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