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It is our dedication to anticipate the future of music, looking for exciting talents and artists you should know about. NBHAP’s brand new ‘Introducing’ section is the place for taste pioneers, musical enthusiasts and those of you who would like to be there before the hype kicks in.

Destruction and Deconstruction: Surma on Experiments, Collaborations, and Fear

Débora Umbelino or Surma gives experimental music a new meaning. Working with deconstruction, Surma explores not just the different ways in which instruments work, but takes them apart to their very core to draw new sounds from their essence. On the new record "alla", the artist applies that new fearlessness.

Between Heartache and Joy: Neo-Soul from Belgium by YellowStraps

Heating up the Belgian Neo-Soul scene, YellowStraps is dropping his record "tentacle" in early 2023. What began as a musical adventure between Yvan and his brother Alban Murenzi turned into a more serious project for Yvan, who continues to pursue musical ambitions alone. After a year of extensive touring, the artist shares thoughts on the upcoming release.

“About Real Life Stuff”: Introducing The Consuming Thrill Of Coach Party

Hailing from the Isle Of Wight, indie rock quartet Coach Party entered the alternative scene by storm, delivering three ravishing EPs, most lately the noteworthy “Nothing Is Real” this summer. For an extended spotlight on the act, we caught up backstage with them while on support tour for Britain's Wet Leg. Make sure you also check out the playlist they exclusively curated for this occasion.

When Fantasy Hits Reality: Lover Buffet’s Infectious Retro Pop

There’s a new up and coming star in the skies of Berlin’s DIY underground scene. On “Just Fantasy” Lover Buffet reflects on emotional breakdowns and hope in times of despair with an old Yamaha synth playing a crucial part in all of this. Get to know them right here.
Singer Naari in a Medium Close Up. She is looking directly at the camera. It's in black and white.

Finding Confidence in Berlin: Naari Releases Her Self-Titled Debut

There is a new voice coming from the depth of Berlin’s indie circles. The New Delhi-born and Berlin-based singer Naari releases her self-titled debut earlier this month. This week we are introducing Naari and spoke to the singer about moving to Berlin, community, and love.

Getting Lost In A Wall Of Sound: Bleach Lab Deliver Passionate Odes To Nostalgia

On "If You Only Feel It Once", beloved indie-pop darlings Bleach Lab share yet another EP that glistens with the wide-gazing beauty of wistful sentiment and the longing for a destination. Discover the latest stroke of their brimming talent, along with an updated edition of our "Introducing" playlist, featuring a bunch of other ethereal pop delights.

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