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Meet interesting newcomers and get to know their sounds and stories.

Nyokabi Kariuki is standing in front of the ocean. She is wearing a white top and has one arm resting on her head. Her hair is braided and falls over her shoulder.

Coming Home: Sonic Explorations of a Body in Recovery with Nyokabi Kariũki

A body with symptoms of Long Covid, the incompleteness and uncertainty of recovery, the acceptance of the state of the body as a changed one. The Kenyan producer and sound artist Nyokabi Kariũki releases her debut LP "FEELING BODY" on which she dissects the relationship to her body changed by the effects of illness through electronic experimentation, spoken word whispers and field recordings.
Portrait shot of Neev. She looks into the camera. Her blond her flows over her shoulders. She is standing in nature. in the background are trees.

The Forces Of Identity: Neev On The Theatrical Bones Of “Katherine”

Blending a quest for belonging and a theatrical play with identity and multiple personas, the first full-length of London-based indie folk artist is one of the most promising folk debuts this year. In light of a fresh update of our continuing folk series, NBHAP editor Andreas took the time to chat up the artist for an in-depth discussion of the record.
A wide shot of Lucina Chua dressed in a red dress dancing in front of a white abstract sculpture in a white studio setting.

Not Your Echo: Lucinda Chua Meditates On Place, Movement, and Identity On “YIAN”

The South London-based Lucinda Chua is a multitalented artist. Cellist, producer, singer, and songwriter she now releases her solo debut "YIAN" (燕). The record is an intimate and atmospheric exploration of her identity as a person of the Chinese diaspora raised in England and showcases her carefully orchestrated and atmospherically electronic compositions.

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