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It is our dedication to anticipate the future of music, looking for exciting talents and artists you should know about. NBHAP’s brand new ‘Introducing’ section is the place for taste pioneers, musical enthusiasts and those of you who would like to be there before the hype kicks in.

Introducing Norway’s Moyka And Her Brilliant Pop Debut “The Revelations Of Love”

With her freshly released first full-length the young musician from Bergen enters the scene by setting quite an exclamation mark. It's a concept album that spans the course of a relationship, telling a story of love and loss and how they intertwine. With just the right mixture of emotional honesty and catchy pop production, Moyka kindly invites the listener on this journey. NBHAP author Dan Cromb sheds a bit more light on the record and the artist.

Thinking Outside Boxes: A Dive Into The Unbiased World Of Clara Pazzini

Clara Pazzini’s music is demanding, versatile and complex. She draws attention to social evils and does not mince her words. The Hamburg-based songwriters’ genre-breaking debut album 'BOXES' was released few days ago – time for us to take a closer look at the interesting newcomer.