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It is our dedication to anticipate the future of music, looking for exciting talents and artists you should know about. NBHAP’s brand new ‘Introducing’ section is the place for taste pioneers, musical enthusiasts and those of you who would like to be there before the hype kicks in.

Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: Chloe Foy

The tender "Shining Star" is opening this week's selection of newcomer tunes. Catch it along with music by Pretty Preachers Club, Sunjacket, Rosie Darling, White Flowers, Etaoin and more.

Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: Mia Joy

The gentle ambient folk of the American songwriter is opening this week's newcomer selection on NBHAP. Our playlist also features fresh entries by April June, Florence Arman, Dry Cleaning, Sugarstone, ZUSTRA and a few others.

Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: Duendita

The soulful "Open Eyes" is opening this week's selection of way too unknown great tracks by wonderful newcomers like BLOXX, HANYA, Pony Pracht, Monako, Belle Tower and more.

Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: Hi Crime

A song about "Rainy Days & Crooked Sheets" feels like an appropriate opener for this week's Monday update of our newcomer playlist, right? Check out the latest single from Hi Crime next to new music by FLOSS, Melby, Amber Jay, Maja Lena and other goodies.

Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: Maria Basel

The wonderful "Traveller" from the artist's freshly released debut EP is opening this week's selection for our newcomer playlist. Also in it are new songs from Bleach Lab, Lindsay Munroe, Minoa, Lisa Pac, Peach Tree Rascals and more.

New Artist Encounter: In Conversation With Sultans Court & King Hannah

After introducing you to some of 2021's most promising new artists a while ago, we went one step further and brought some of those artists together in a virtual room to discuss what it feels like having a career in the music industry right now with ... well, everything's that's going on. The third edition of our little interview series connects Berlin's Sultans Court with King Hannah from Liverpool. Feel kindly invited to discover them right here.

Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: Landers

The tender "Washing With Water" is opening this week's newcomer selection of our Spotify playlist. Also part of the list are new songs from Ex Olympic, Albertine Sarges, Chloe Foy, Slothrust and more.