It starts with a gentle sound, like water trickling down a lush forest riverbed. Gloss opens the double EP and sets the mood of the transcendental record. Weaving intricate layers of synth into organic elements, Holland Andrews creates music that is firmly rooted in soil, in nature, while at the same time evoking a feeling of soft levitation in the listener. In our extended in interview with the artist, previously known as Like A Villain, they told us about their journey of releasing music under their real name finally. The authenticity of putting themselves into the spotlight with their real name, also reflects on the music.

Wordless / Forgettings is an accumulation of songs that dig deep. In their minimalistic arrangement, they allow Andrews’ voice to take the center stage, the leading instrument, which the singer knows how to play so well. Distorting words to sound sculptures, bending, layering, and extending them, like on Forgettings, the artist finds complete creative freedom.

“The EP is a linear story of the aspect of yourself that only knows total excitement and self-love. Think of the feeling when you love a song so very much, but you show it to a friend, and they don’t. That is the feeling that part of yourself has. It is trying to show you how amazing you are, but you just don’t get it. But the light is making its journey to you to show you how amazing and powerful you are.”

Wordless / Forgettings is out now via LEITER. 

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