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Space for our favorite local artists in Berlin.

On Green Touring: A Conversation with Musician and Ecologist Ditty

Singer and songwriter Ditty makes music that is uplifting while talking about important societal and political themes. Based between Berlin and New Delhi, she just released her new EP "Skin". In conversation with NBHAP editor Nadia Says, Ditty shares thoughts on her music as well as her work as an ecologist. 

“We Won’t Disappear”: Jamila Al-Yousef On the Sounds of Palestinian Resistance

Falasteen Weyn Ana? Palestine where am I? - that is the translation of the Arabic title of Jamila & The Other Heroes' record. Released in May 2023, the title took on a new meaning since the ongoing Israeli bombardment of Gaza after the attacks by Hamas on October 7th. We speak to Jamila Al-Yousef, singer, co-composer and lyricist of the band, about Palestinian resistance, protest music, and the repressions Palestinians face in Germany.

Becoming Conscious of the Unconscious: Laura Carbone On “The Good”

The alternative singer Laura Carbone shares her thoughts on the recently released winter single "The Good". Her writing journey takes her back to connecting with spiritual guides and her father's jokes. In this guest article, Laura muses about her songwriting process, finding inspiration in the spiritual realm and tapping into the unconsciousness.

Conversations Between Artists: Rosa Anschütz and Lukasz Polowczyk

The artists Rosa Anschütz and Lukasz Polowczyk (Aint About Me) met through common friend and producer Jan Wagner. Experimentation and creative freedom are central to their creative practice. To accompany their new releases "Interior" and "Glacier Gospel", Rosa and Lukasz share in-depth musings about music and art. The following conversation has been transcribed from a recorded Zoom call.

Community Music Therapy: How Zainab Lax Uses Music to Empower and Heal

Zainab Lax's music isn't just a series of notes; it's a journey of self-discovery, cultural fusion, and positive transformation. In our conversation, we unravel her sonic journey, from early harp lessons to practising community music therapy. Join us as we explore the resonance of her sounds and the impact of her innovative initiatives on healing and empowerment.

May We Reclaim Our Voices: Laura Carbone Writes About “Tuesday”

The alternative singer Laura Carbone is a NBHAP regular and back now with another release. The gloomy "Tuesday" is the latest single and it embodies a transformative experience of letting out female rage. In this guest article, Laura writes about the creation of the song from the first drone guitar sounds recorded in her bedroom to screaming her heart out in the studio.

“Queer Visibility Saved My Life”: Sedric Perry on Music as a Healing Vehicle

The singer Sedric Perry released the playful songs "It Girl" and "Papi Champu" earlier this year. They are a celebration of queerness and a return to finding healing and joy in music after dark times. In this week's feature, Sedric Perry talks about fucking with gender norms, finding his place in community and the music that shaped him.

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