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Space for our favorite local artists in Berlin.

Between Monologue and Polylog: In Dialogue With Yousef Kekhia

The Berlin-based musician Yousef Kekhia just released his sophomore record "Polylog". It follows the introspective "Monologue" but turns its gaze outwards. Influenced by conversations, encounters, and exchange the record is a fluid piece of music opening doors and asking questions. We met the artist to speak about his music and he curated a "Beyond Borders" playlist update with his personal favorites from the contemporary Arab music scene.

The Old, The New And The Timeless: A Conversation With Nils Frahm

Over the course of this pandemic lot of us felt the urge to rearrange our lives, reflect on the way we live, and make room for new experiences. For beloved composer Nils Frahm his new album "Old Friends, New Friends" was a beautiful opportunity to do exactly that in musical form. Just in time for its release, he sat down with NBHAP author Anna Stich to talk about immortality, melancholy, friendship, and a few other things.

Anika Returns And Expands Her Horizons On New Album “Change”

After almost a decade away from the day job, and an adventure in art-rock band Exploded View, Annika Henderson makes her grand return as Anika with "Change", a record that spreads her musical wings and takes her sound into new dimensions. NBHAP author Austin Maloney met her to find out more.

Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: THALA

The buzzing Berlin-based artist continues to teaser her anticipated debut LP "Adolescence". Find the smooth "diditagain" on top of our newcomer playlist along with more songs from Sunken, Dexter, Louie Short, Lindsay Munroe, Murdo Mitchell and more.

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