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King Slack Is Back: Kurt Vile On How The Best Things In Life Are For Free

The charming songwriter returns with his sweetly slack new album 'Bottle It In' after last year's collaborative release 'Lotta Sea Lice' with Courtney Barnett. It turns out, he is not so slack after all, having recorded the new songs all across The United States in various sessions. The epic result is sonically charming with a smooth vibe and lo-fi appeal.
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A Desire To Be Disarming: The Formula To Julien Baker’s Magic

Especially with her latest album 'Turn Out The Lights' Julien Baker won hearts all over the world, turning the 23 year old American into the darling of emotional indie songwriting. With her newly found supergroup Boygenius she just dropped another more than promising project. A talk to her reveals that she's got no agenda with all that, but to connect: The marginalized, the angry, the majority. All can relate to her disarming emotionality.
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A WHOLE-y Experience: How An All-Queer Festival Opened My Eyes To Our Destructed Culture

They say better late than never – so when summer calls its last afternoon sunshine to hide and lets autumn take over, we all know: from now on, it is time to hit the closed venues for concerts, parties and thrills. And while I enjoy the last rays of light on my body, a particular weekend in end of August still takes me back sometimes to when the base could be felt all night long – next to cranes and a beautiful lake. The WHOLE United Queer Festival is stuck in a part of my mind and the memories of the event are warm, yet puzzled. Mainly because it showed once more how stiff today’s society is.
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The Struggle And The Magic: John Grant’s Fearless Self-Exploration Of Love

Love is not a fairytale. It is definitely not the sweet, dreamy and safe place we are so often made believe it is all the time. The true reflection of it reveals a whole lot of other ingredients that are less flattering. When it comes to love, the beautiful disguise always seems more tempting than the actual great amount of work it usually requires. The magic only kicks in if you acknowledge that everything love has to offer has as much to do with the person in front of you as with yourself. 
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Time Off: Sea Moya On The Healthy Effect Of Isolation

Living entirely analogue and isolated from our digital information structures can be a challenge these days. But if you decide to go for it the results can be ultimately rewarding. German pyschedelic outfit Sea Moya went on that adventure when they decided to record their new album in an old cabin in the Italian Alps. On NBHAP the band writes about that very special experience that turned out to be quite rewarding on multiple levels.
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