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What’s the intention behind the music? Our ‘Stories’ section brings you interviews, features, personal opinions and columns about your favourite passion in the world.

A Trip Down Memory Lane: Glass Animals’ Leader Dave Bayley Talks The Band’s Recent Rise To Fame

Although Glass Animals' last album 'Dreamland' was released 1 1/2 years ago, their success continues to this day. Due to the ongoing pandemic, they've only been on tour for a few weeks and their hit single 'Heat Waves' has caused a sensation in recent months. NBHAP author Miriam Wallbaum took the continuing hype as an opportunity to talk to the band's mastermind, Dave Bayley, about their new album and the story behind it.
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Between Monologue and Polylog: In Dialogue With Yousef Kekhia

The Berlin-based musician Yousef Kekhia just released his sophomore record "Polylog". It follows the introspective "Monologue" but turns its gaze outwards. Influenced by conversations, encounters, and exchange the record is a fluid piece of music opening doors and asking questions. We met the artist to speak about his music and he curated a "Beyond Borders" playlist update with his personal favorites from the contemporary Arab music scene.
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The Old, The New And The Timeless: A Conversation With Nils Frahm

Over the course of this pandemic lot of us felt the urge to rearrange our lives, reflect on the way we live, and make room for new experiences. For beloved composer Nils Frahm his new album "Old Friends, New Friends" was a beautiful opportunity to do exactly that in musical form. Just in time for its release, he sat down with NBHAP author Anna Stich to talk about immortality, melancholy, friendship, and a few other things.
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Island Of Noise In The Pandemic Storm: How Synästhesie 2021 Went Covid-Safe

From the depths of German Krautrock comes the sixth edition of the Synästhesie Festival. Backed by the beloved local music hot spot – the 8MM bar, which already put artists like Gurr and Sofia Portanet on our radar – the festival unites Berlin’s favorites alongside international acts. Needless to say, organizing a large indoor festival ahead of another wave of Covid in Germany, is quite the task. Yet, after what felt like a dozen documents to scan – vaccinated and additionally tested – festival-goers were invited into the industrial chambers of the Kesselhaus once again.
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Meditation For An Internet Generation: A Guest Article By Will Samson

Musician and world citizen Will Samson is a longtime friend of NBHAP and a true expert when it comes to meditative and calming sounds that ease your mind and help to set the world in perspective. Especially in accelerated times like these we find it harder and harder to be "with ourselves" and find true inner piece. Back in 2014 the musician wrote a guest article about that for us ... and now he decided to revisit it because its message remains quite important.
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Back To Normal: Lydmor Shares A Fragmented Personal Account Of How It Is To Be A Musician Right Now

Danish future pop dynamite Lydmor has been a longtime favourite of NBHAP and her immersive state show never fails to amaze us. Like many other artists from the indie section she's been suffering from the ongoing pandemic and the fact that it forbids her to do what she does best- sharing her uniting vision with other people... in the same room. The world's not fully recovered yet but the damage is done when it comes to the creative music scene. We asked Lydmor to share her personal thoughts on the current state of indecisiveness in this exclusive and honest guest article.
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For Folk’s Sake: Le Ren’s Debut Album Is A Tender “Collection Of Relics From The Past”

On her brand new debut LP "Leftovers", the Canadian songwriter Lauren Spear explores past relationships, musing on the value of romantic love, family ties and friendships, forming a tender narrative in between nostalgia and the nature of affection. For this fresh edition of his folk column, NBHAP author Andreas zoomed up the artist to talk about the various ingredients of music and how we should savour friendships more than we are taught to.
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“Humor Is The Last Thing You Want to Lose”: Gardening With Feng Suave

The indie pop Duo Feng Suave are back in town. Following the release of their EP "So Much For Gardening" we took the musicians by their word and set out to green the city. To go along with the hard gardening work, Daniel Schoemaker and Daniel De Jong also curated a new update of the NBHAP Daydreaming Delight Playlist with their sunny and meditative favorites.
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Music As An Open Book: A Journey Back To The Essential With Efterklang

In a few days, Danish indie-darlings Efterklang will release their beautiful new album "Windflowers". A record which brings the three band members back to their musical roots. Nine lovely and emotional songs take the listener on a journey to the essential things in life. NBHAP author Miriam met up with the two bandmembers Casper and Mads to have a pleasant chat about the creation of their newest work.
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