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Stories from the soil, the roots and traditions of sounds.


Diasporic Sounds: Sheherazaad On Music That Is Neither Here Nor There

Singer and composer Sheherazaad releases her second EP "Qasr" produced by Arooj Aftab. Not belonging to any existing category of sound, Sheher embodies the in-between, a diasporic sound and third-culture reclaimation of Indian classical music. We talk to the artist about imagined homelands, language, and her nomadic voice.

Afra Kane on Breaking Boundaries And Embracing Imperfection

The singer and pianist Afra Kane does not want to be put into a box. In her new record "Could We Be Whole" she draws from her background in classical music and Nigerian gospel but breaks their boundaries to create something new. We spoke to the artist about what freedom means to her and embracing imperfections.

On Green Touring: A Conversation with Musician and Ecologist Ditty

Singer and songwriter Ditty makes music that is uplifting while talking about important societal and political themes. Based between Berlin and New Delhi, she just released her new EP "Skin". In conversation with NBHAP editor Nadia Says, Ditty shares thoughts on her music as well as her work as an ecologist. 

Breaking and Distorting the Norms of Tradition with Ana Lua Caiano

Ana Lua Caiano is a Portuguese musician, composer and digital artist. On her recent EP "Se Dançer É Só Depois", she plays with traditional rhythms and vocals merged with electronic experimentation. In this QnA, Ana Lua Caiano explores the meaning of tradition and political music from her perspective as a contemporary artist.

A Full Circle Moment: Priya Ragu On Working With Family On “SANTHOSAM”

The Swiss-Tamil singer Priya Ragu brings back Raguwavy with her sophomore album “SANTHOSAM”. On it, she reconnects with family and celebrates her roots. We spoke to the singer about her musical journey, the role of spirituality, and music as resistance to societal pressure and discrimination.

Our Roots Run Deep: Dominique Fils-Aimé On Planting Musical Seeds

The singer and songwriter Dominique Fils-Aimé from Montreal just released her new record "Our Roots Run Deep" via Ensoul Records. Sophie Romy caught up with the artist to talk about what influenced the album and how Dominique Fils-Aimé draws inspiration from blues and soul legends as well as her inner child.

Elisapie On the Joys and Pains of Childhood Memories on “Inuktitut” (ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ)

The Inuk singer and songwriter Elisapie has been releasing music for more than a decade now. Her new album "Inuktitut" (ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ) is a musical gift to her community. She draws on emotional memories of good and bad days, the lingering trauma of ongoing colonial violence that her community faces, and is driven by a deep love for music. In conversation with NBHAP, she talks about the importance of the record.

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