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Stories from the soil, the roots and traditions of sounds.

Theory And Tradition: Jazz Meets Mongolian Long Song On “Ulaan” by Enji

The singer Enji gives her jazz conservatory education a twist by breaking open its structures and drawing from her background in thousand-year-old Mongolian folk tradition. In conversation with NBHAP, the artist talks about her new album "Ulaanbaatar" and explores the personal connection to the color red and how trust and communal singing shaped the music.
Chelsea Carmichel is leaning on a wall pictured from the waist up. The photo is black ad white and she is looking directly into the camera wearing a dark coat with a bag slung across her shoulder.

“About Acknowledging The Roots”: Catching Up With Chelsea Carmichael

One of Britain’s rising jazz musicians, the acclaimed London act delivered one of the most brimming shows at this year’s XJAZZ! edition in Berlin. We caught up for a quick chat with the artist after the show to talk about the British scene and what it means to honour the legacy of jazz music.
Stylized photo of Alfa Mist. The portrait shot of the artist wearing a blue hoodie and a black baseball cap is edited with bush strokes blurring the colors over his face.

“Creating Something from Nothing”: A Retrospective on Identity With Alfa Mist

On his new release "Variables", Alfa Mist explores themes of identity inspecting its creation by means of reflection and retrospection. NBHAP editor Felicia met with the Newham jazz and hip-hop producer to talk about perspectives of positive pessimism as well as his understanding and appreciation for life and the joy of missing out.

“Cherish The Natural World”: How Erland Cooper Turns Environment Into Sound

On his recent record “Folded Landscapes”, Scottish composer Erland Cooper moves through time, climate change and human existence by means of vast, orchestral landscapes, created under extreme circumstances. We took the chance to chat up the musician to discuss his aesthetic principles and the conditions that governed the musical creations.
Singer Ray Lozano is standing in a convenience store. Taken from behind the counter, we see the singer from the waist up. She is looking directly at the camera wearing a black bomber jacket, a white t-shirt, and her hair tied into a high ponytail.

A Big Sister: Ray Lozano Writes About Belonging and the Influence of Jill Scott

The German-Filipino singer and musician Ray Lozano just released her debut album "Pairing Mode". It is a collection of polaroids, or short stories, about being alone, longing, and belonging. Raised in Cologne between two cultural identities, Ray found a home in the music of Jill Scott. In her guest article, she writes about the influence of the RnB singer on her younger self, and how it continues to shape her until today.

Companion with 88 Keys: The Personal Reflections of Eleven Pianists

On the 88th day of the year, Piano Day, LEITER release the second compilation featuring pianists from different musical backgrounds. The record represents the diverse stories and emotions the piano can invoke. With artists like Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Yann Tiersen, and Meredi, the compilation celebrates the sound of the unique instrument.

“Keeping The Faith In Life And In Love”: About The Retro-Tinged Folk Of Signe Marie Rustad

In a matter of reviving a classic songwriter spirit, Norwegian folk artist Signe Marie Rustad’s recent record turns a hopeful spirit into artistic courage and a nostalgic feel. For a new edition of our folk column we took the opportunity to chat her up and let her elaborate on the process, going into the tracks of her new record "Particles Of Faith" in detail. Make sure you also head into the playlist, which she co-curated with us for this occasion.

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