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Stories from the soil, the roots and traditions of sounds.

Eliza Shaddad On The Importance Of Tori Amos’ 1992 Debut LP “Little Earthquakes” For Her Life

Isn't it wonderful to have a record that travels with you throughout most of life's weird twists and turns? For British songwriter Eliza Shaddad the iconic debut album by her American colleague Tori Amos is exactly such a piece of music. In the wake of her upcoming new album "The Woman You Want" we asked Eliza to write down a few personal thoughts on that record that shaped her understanding of music.

Linn Koch-Emmery On Why You Should Give Dominic Fike’s “What Could Possibly Go Wrong” A Spin

Swedish indie-rock artist Linn Koch-Emmery has been a longtime favourite of the NBHAP staff and after years of following her blossoming career we're really happy that her debut LP "Being The Girl" is finally out and we're sure it will become the favourite album of many people out there. We were interested in whether Linn got a favourite album as well and she suggested a more recent one from 2020. But that shouldn't stop you from discovering Dominic Fike's work.

Time To Reconnect With Nature: Get To Know Martin Kohlstedt’s Inspiring Forest Planting Project

The ongoing climate crisis can leave you numb and disillusioned from time to time. Instead of waiting for a miracle to happen or getting way too cynical it might be best to simply start doing little changes in your everyday life. Taking action is one aspect, redefining our relationship with nature in general is a whole different one. Acclaimed musician Martin Kohlstedt is fighting for exactly that and NBHAP head Norman spoke with him about his ambitious yet very pragmatic plan and how we all can learn something from it.

“Who Is Bobby Charles?” – Raf Rundell Reflects On The Almost Forgotten Classic LP From 1972

London's multi-talent Raf Rundell just released his new album "O.M Days" which is packed with funky grooves and explores new musical territory leading the artist on a spiritual journey. Positive energy is the leading line through and you can really sense the multiple influences that shaped the record. We invited Raf to give us a little insight into an almost fifty year old record that shaped him on the way to becoming the refined and versatile musician he is today.

Maximo Park’s Duncan Lloyd On His Love For “Bringing It All Back Home” By Bob Dylan

Duncan Lloyd has been a driving force behind beloved British indie rockers Maximo Park for almost two decades now and their freshly released seventh album "Nature Always Wins" is another testament of that. When it comes to his own personal influences the musician shares a lot of love for this 1965 classic from the one and only Bob Dylan. We invited him to write about the record.

Aaron Frazer On (Not Quite) First Impressions, Learning How To Sing, And His Debut Album

The singer and drummer Aaron Frazer has been around the music scene for a while already as part of several bands, but kicking off the new year by sharing his first solo effort. "Introducing..." is an album, which mirrors the versatility of the artist and while it is not quite the first thing we have heard from the musician it is his way of introducing his full creative range to the world.

Growing Seeds In His Own Musical Garden: A Conversation With Woodkid On “S16”

Seven years after the release of his celebrated debut album "The Golden Age", the French artist Yoann Lemoine is finally back with the second record as his alias Woodkid. NBHAP author Miriam Wallbaum took this special opportunity to have a little zoom conversation with the musical mastermind about the creative process of making "S16" and the storys that lie behind it.

Tirzah’s 2018 Record “Devotion” Keeps Porches Coming Back To It Every Week

After the release of his latest record 'Ricky Music', Aaron Maine aka Porches gives us a little insight into one of his favorite records. Written over the past two years it traces the artist's search for clarity in times of anger, joy and sadness. Over that period of time, Tirzah's record 'Devotion' was one that kept him constant company. So, in case you're not familiar with it yet here comes a personal recommendation.

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