I still remember the moment this album came into my life. I was in Borders book shop as a kid with my godmother and I went to the CD section and the only artist I really knew to find was Alison Krauss. I guess the record had just come out because I asked her to buy it for me since I didn’t have it yet. I had no idea who Robert Plant was at the time but I just wanted it because it had her name on it. Obviously I had a connection with Alison. I had always listened to her music in the car or at home because it was just what my mom had on. She was the first concert I went to and as a kid you don’t really find what music speaks to you until you are older but because I was kinda brought to the show by my mom I had the lucky chance of connecting with something at such a young age.

Raising Sand is such a great record. It reminds me of my childhood and it was one of the first musical influences that inspired me to decide what direction I wanted to take in music myself. My favourite song on it is probably Stick With Me Baby. It’s such a low key song and it’s not overproduced or anything. The harmonies are so perfect and theres certain pockets in the song that just really hit me. I really think it’s a timeless record, I don’t think I’ll ever not want to listen to it. And I still think it’s one of the best collaboration records I know of to this day. And while you’re still at it I can also strongly recommend Alison Krauss’ 1999 record Forget About It which is definitely a soundtrack to my childhood as well.

Faye Webster‘s sweet new album I Know I’m Funny haha is out now via Secretly Canadian and you should not miss it once you gave Raising Sand a spin.