Folks, we almost made it through winter and as the days are getting longer and the weather warmer we thought it would be a fitting time to rearrange our Daydreaming Playlist on Spotify. You know, typical spring cleaning – throwing old ones out, letting new stuff in sharpen that whole thing in general. The result is the perfect meditative soundtrack to take some time off from the crazy madness called the real life. We try to combine various musical worlds here. There’s dreamy indie pop from talented new artists like Faye Webster, Charlotte Brandi, Nea and Julia Rakel but also gentle songwriter sounds from longtime favourites Ry X, Alice Phoebe Lou and Rosemary & Garlic.

Apart from that there is also a lot of electronic instrumental music and film score material that actually doesn’t need words to soothen your soul. From M83 to Tangerine Dream, from Swiss newcomers Diskret to iconic ambient music hero Thomas Fehlmann – there’s a lot of different music for you to discover here. As a tribute to the late great Mark Hollis we also included a track from the iconic Spirit Of Eden record right here. So, if you happen to love dreamy music from all sorts of different musical genres and like to get surprised this is the perfect playlist to ease your mind, relax a bit and feel comfortable with.