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Norman Fleischer

Born and musically socialized in the 80s. Music Nerd & Pop Lover. Idealistic mind trapped in a pragmatic brain. Attempting to change society in baby steps. Dreamer. Digital addictive. Dedicated music professional. Follow Norman on Twitter

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The Rise And Fall Of Love: Unravelling Big Deal’s Musical Legacy

Love comes, love goes and in-between everything can happen. Over the course of five years the British/American duo created wonderful little indie rock anthems that to me, in retrospect, also document various stages of a relationship. Even three years after the band abandoned their music remains quite close to me and this is my attempt to tell you why that is the case.
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19 Anticipated Albums To Look Forward To In 2019

New favourites and beloved comebacks - The next twelve months will deliver plenty of musical highlights and we tell you right here what you should be excited about the most. And yes, that also includes a few delayed albums that were already part of our '2018 list' ...
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