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Norman Fleischer

Born and musically socialized in the 80s. Music Nerd & Pop Lover. Idealistic mind trapped in a pragmatic brain. Attempting to change society in baby steps. Dreamer. Digital addictive. Dedicated music professional. Follow Norman on Twitter

Latest articles by Norman

Life Is Yours: How Foals Celebrate Post-Pandemic Relief With Their Euphoric New Album

There is life beyond all the doom and gloom. And it’s yours. In a perfectly time release stunt, British guitar icons Foals reinvent themselves by stripping down their worn-out formula and release a life-embracing record that celebrates moments of dance and togetherness, following the two-year long pandemic break. It’s the right sound for much needed moments of relief and also the start of a new chapter for the band who’s now a trio. NBHAP’s Norman Fleischer met with the group at their recent tour stop in Berlin.
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So Here We Are … Again: How Bloc Party Got Their Fire Back On “Alpha Games”

After six years without a new full-length, British indie rock heroes Bloc Party resurface with a record that is both – acknowledgment of their own past and beginning of a new era. But does their furious sound still have a place in this world and can reconnect with old and potential new fans? Departing NBHAP head Norman Fleischer is a die-hard fan of the group and spoke with mastermind Kele Okereke about the difficult path to make “Alpha Games” happen in the first place.
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Reflections On 10 Years Of Music Blogging … And Why It Is Okay To Leave

Almost ten years after joining NBHAP during its early days, blog veteran Norman Fleischer decided to step down from his leading position, making room for a new team and a new vision of your favourite music media. This is a personal reflection on the changes the project and the music industry went through during the past decade and a friendly invitation to embrace whatever happens next.
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Electronic Empathy: Confidence Man Unleash The Right Sound For Potential Post-Pandemic Party Vibes

With their impending second studio album ‘TILT’ Australian dance sensation Confidence Man aim even higher as if they want to reunite the entire planet via the power of joint dancing. Needless to say, they hit a soft spot with NBHAP head Norman here. To celebrate the release and a shared love for retro-infused dance tunes he phoned up one of the group’s masterminds for more insights as well as a few proper tunes.
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20 Years Of Shout Out Louds, Captured In 10 Songs: A Personal Reflection With The Band’s Adam Olenius

With their sixth studio album on the horizon the Swedish indie rock sweethearts really seem to age like a fine wine. Although their sound might have matured and softened a bit over the past years they still know how to write these emotionally captivating little anthems that aim directly for your heart. After two decades in the music business I sat down with band leader Adam to revisit some of mine (and also his) favourite tunes from the past years.
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Light At The End Of The Tunnel: Trentemøller Gives His Gloomy Trademark Sound A Hopeful Twist On “Memoria”

After almost two decades in the scene, long lasting Danish multi-instrumentalist Anders Trentemøller returns with his sixth studio album that feels like a refreshing take on the music we've fell in love with many years ago. NBHAP head Norman once again encounters the beloved artist for an exchange about the new shoegaze-infected sound, recording during the pandemic and whatever is next for the man whose music is way too complex to being put into the 'gloomy goth' category.
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Will 2022 See The Big Return Of The 00s Indie Rock Icons?

Cleverly timed nostalgia, a true second coming or just pure coincidence? Some of the most loved indie rock groups from the golden heydays of the early 21st century are set to return with new records this year. NBHAP head and original ‘survivor’ of the indie scene, Norman Fleischer, gives an overview of what to expect in the next months.
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