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Norman Fleischer

Born and musically socialized in the 80s. Music Nerd & Pop Lover. Idealistic mind trapped in a pragmatic brain. Attempting to change society in baby steps. Dreamer. Digital addictive. Dedicated music professional. Follow Norman on Twitter

Latest articles by Norman

Electronic Empathy: Roosevelt Delivers Much Needed Warm Disco Vibes

Less parties, more disco? Maybe the world needs exactly that in a time of crisis and this man is about to deliver it in style. German pop wunderkind Roosevelt is returning with his third album "Polydans" these days and NBHAP head Norman called him up to talk about it and also reflect on the music that influenced him. As always the artist was also down to compile music for our playlist.
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Hacienda High Times: Remembering The Sound Of The ‘Madchester’ Rave Era

In the wake of the current club closings a little throwback into the glory days of dancefloor euphoria feels like a fitting thing to do. For NBHAP head Norman the era of late 80s and early 90s acid house and dance music is a period of time he loves to revisit from time to time. Two mixtapes celebrate the legendary vibe of the era and take the sound into the here and now.
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New Artist Encounter: In Conversation With Bleach Lab & Francis Of Delirium

After introducing you to some of 2021's most promising new artists a while ago, we went one step further and brought some of those artists together in a virtual room to discuss what it feels like having a career in the music industry right now with ... well, everything's that's going on. The second edition of our little interview series connects Luxembourg's Francis Of Delirium with British band Bleach Lab. Feel kindly invited to discover them right here.
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Melancholic Marriage: Swedish Sad Pop Duo Wy Make An Intimate Return With “Come Here”

Malmö-based two piece Wy have been love at first listen for us at NBHAP ever since they first showed up on our musical radar four years ago. Following two hauntingly beautiful albums Ebba and Michel Gustafsson Ågren are now returning with a third full-length in May, shaped by the Covid crisis but also their own relationship. "Marriage" appears to be a fitting title for it. Today, we're debuting a first track from it exclusively on NBHAP and also took a moment to catch up with the duo.
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What Will Remain From Chaotic 2020? Six Findings For The World Of Music

Twelve months ago we could have only imagined how different our lives would be right now. The Covid-19 pandemic shook the foundation of many things we took for granted. Like many other industries, the world of music is strongly affected by this rule-changing year and it makes you wonder just how big the impact of it all will be in the end. NBHAP head Norman went into 'end-of-the-year'-reflection mode and shares his thoughts right here.
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Tycho Adds His Personal Dreamy Flavour To Our “Electronic Empathy” Playlist

Beloved American artist Scott Hansen ends the cycle of his last album "Weather" with one final remix album before starting a new chapter in his life and career. On the brink of the new year, I sat down with him to talk about the current state of Tycho and discuss the influence of electronic music in his life as he adds some of his personal favourites to NBHAP's 'Electronic Empathy' playlist.
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