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Stories of protest sounds, artists in resistance, and music as a tool to change the world.

On Visibility, Needs, and Realities of Parents in the Music Industry

In this exploration, we hear from a diverse array of voices who are both, artists and parents: anaiis, Wayne Snow, Laura Lee, Jaxx TMS, Marit Posch, Steffi von Kannemann, Donna Arendse, Leon Giseke, and Hannah Joy. Each contributor sheds light on their unique experiences, offering candid insights into the realities of balancing a career in music with the responsibilities of parenthood.

“We Won’t Disappear”: Jamila Al-Yousef On the Sounds of Palestinian Resistance

Falasteen Weyn Ana? Palestine where am I? - that is the translation of the Arabic title of Jamila & The Other Heroes' record. Released in May 2023, the title took on a new meaning since the ongoing Israeli bombardment of Gaza after the attacks by Hamas on October 7th. We speak to Jamila Al-Yousef, singer, co-composer and lyricist of the band, about Palestinian resistance, protest music, and the repressions Palestinians face in Germany.

“Prelude to Ecstasy” The Last Dinner Party On Biblical Imagery and Feminism

The British band The Last Dinner Party quickly made a name for themselves with their intense live shows. The debut record “Prelude to Ecstasy” lives in contrasts: biblical references meet lust, feminism, and queer sex and elegant corsets burst into dirty rock ‘n’ roll. Here’s what Abigail Morris, Aurora Nishevci, and Lizzie Mayland told us about little sins and the Catholic church.

May We Reclaim Our Voices: Laura Carbone Writes About “Tuesday”

The alternative singer Laura Carbone is a NBHAP regular and back now with another release. The gloomy "Tuesday" is the latest single and it embodies a transformative experience of letting out female rage. In this guest article, Laura writes about the creation of the song from the first drone guitar sounds recorded in her bedroom to screaming her heart out in the studio.

On Unheard Frequencies: Anika Writes About the Project “Lost Voices”

Annika Henderson, known as Anika created an immersive stage performance as a commissioned work for this year's Pop-Kultur festival. Working with several international and interdisciplinary artists, the project "Lost Voices" gives space to frequencies and voices that are unheard and marginalized by a hetero-patriarchal and capitalist society. She shares thoughts on working with these complex topics.

Freedom Dreaming Alongside Orishas In A Brownstone: aja monet’s Blues Poetry

"when the poems do what they do" is the title of the debut record by poet and organizer aja monet and it takes us on a musical and lyrical journey of what words can do. From ancestry to political activism and vulnerable self-expression, the record is a document of the true power of poetry and jazz. In our conversation, aja shares detailed insights about the visions behind it.

Combativa Y Revindicativa: Santa Salut on Oldschool Rap, Multilingualism and Empowerment

The Catalonian rapper Santa Salut uses a triad of languages to express her emotions. Between radically political and deeply personal, she draws on Oldschool rap influences. In conversation with NBHAP, the 24-year-old talks about her love for rap, the meaning of multilingual art, and mythological sources of inspiration. Catch her live in Berlin on June 16th.

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