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Stories of protest sounds, artists in resistance, and music as a tool to change the world.

With A Sword And A Shield: Dawn Richard On “Second Line” And Discrimination In The Industry

Dawn Richard has experienced all the different stages of being a recording artist. In her own words: “I went from severe mainstream pop culture to being in a rap group with my boss worth 800 million to then being poor, living on a sofa to then being an indie artist to then sign to an indie rock label so like the levels of that – no one could’ve helped me there.” Her latest record "Second Line: An Electro Revival" is gracing the world this week and NBHAP author Anna Stich got the chance to talk to the unique artist in advance.

Celeste Is “Not Your Muse” But A Distinct New Voice In The Soul Scene

Bridging the past of soul music into a bright new future is the London-based singer Celeste Waite. She just released her highly anticipated debut "Not Your Muse" spanning from catchy pop choruses to soulful depth. NBHAP author Liv spoke to the musician about what moves her and the pressure of putting out a record in the public eye.

“Space To Bloom”: MADANII & LLUCID On ORI3NTATION, Stereotypes, and Third Eyes

The Berlin-based neo-pop duo MADANII & LLUCID makes music with a political message that questions stereotypes, representation, and demands space in the Western hegemonic music industry. NBHAP author Liv spoke to the artists about their second EP 3RD 3YE and the interview series ORI3NTATION, which asks where stereotypes regarding the 'Orient' come from and how we can get rid of them.

A 21st Century Guide To Adapting: A Conversation With This Is The Kit’s Kate Stables

This Is The Kit is the musical project of artist Kate Stables who just released her fifth record "Off Off On". On it she channels influences from our modern day living, imagery, and spirituality. NBHAP author Anna Stich caught up with the musicians to dive into her work which does not only include the recent record but she also deals us a fresh hand of cards.

Solidarity In Times Of Crisis: Why Musician Gordi Decided To Help Out As A Doctor

The Australian musician Gordi aka Sophie Payton lives in between two worlds; music and medicine. In this personal guest article the Sydney-based artist/doctor opens up about why she dropped everything to help out during the Corona crisis and how she copes with the anxiety and frustration that comes with the great uncertainty all of us face.

Label In Focus: The Borderless World Of Japan’s FLAU

Based in Japan but with fans and artists from all over, FLAU finds and releases music from artists who craft their own special worlds. NBHAP editor Austin caught up with some of the label's protagonists to shed some light on their work by talking to label boss Yasuhiko Fukuzono as well as artists Rayons, Machinone, Sparrows and Rima Kato.

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