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NBHAP is an independent music blog run by people who volunteer their time and skill to tell the stories of amazing artists. But we need your support to keep this platform going. Consider becoming a paying member via Steady. You can sign up for monthly or yearly plans that give you access to exclusive content. Through this, you will ensure that we can keep doing what we are doing.

If that is not within your budget right now, no problem. You can sign up for our free newsletter to receive updates about new music and stories on the website. No strings attached, it will stay completely free.

Become a Contributor

The independent music magazine NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is looking for new members, who want to contribute on a regular basis. We are an international community of freelance writers, photographers, and curators passionate about music and art. Berlin-based, but with a global audience, the blog has been running for more than a decade and established many valuable contacts within the local and international music industry. 

At the moment, we are working towards a more defined focus on the cultural and political relevance of music and are looking for creative minds to join us on that journey. No matter where in the universe you are based, if you are interested in joining, drop us an email via contact[at] Please include a few details about yourself and what kind of music moves you at the moment. 

This is no space for racism, anti-semitism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, and sexism. We expect our contributors to check their privilege, and acquire certain awareness of these topics, as well as, sensitivity to societal power structures.

Submit Your Ideas

If you would like to submit your article, interview, or opinion piece on a topic, please send a short pitch outlining your idea to contact[at] We gladly accept one-off contributions and input about acts that we should feature.

Please be aware that we run this magazine on a voluntary and non-profit basis at the moment.

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