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Meet interesting newcomers and get to know their sounds and stories.

Building Bridges: Sabrina Bellaouel on her Multilingual Debut “Al Hadr”

The debut record by the singer and producer Sabrina Bellaouel explores her Algerian-French identity, and crafts personal memories into emotive songs. From euphoric pop to heavy techno-inspired house, singer-songwriter meets electronic distortion, "Al Hadr" is a chameleon of a record. This week, Sabrina shares insight into her influences and the formative aesthetic of Algerian music.

Musical Choreography: Marta Cascales Alimbau On the Expression of A Pianist

Barcelona-based pianist Marta Cascales Alimbau merges classical and contemporary influences. Forming part of the growing scene of young pianists, she explores the range of expression of the 88 keys. Ahead of the release of her single "The Space Between" as part of the piano days project, we met the artist in her hometown.

Soft-Focus Safe Space: The Charming Confidence Of Florence Besch

With love and determination from Düsseldorf – the Luxembourgian songwriter just released a truly wonderful debut album with “Hi Now Hello”. And those who look beyond the warm melodies and playful guitar sounds will find a fascinating new artist who faces existential threats with the power of radical softness.

Landing Back on Earth: OY On “World Wide We” And Healing Through Music

On their new record "World Wide We", OY take their journey to Earth. The band examines political and structural problems and injustices as well as intimate emotions. Moving feet and minds, OY make music full of hope. This week we are introducing their new record and asked them a few questions about it.

From Darkness Into the Light: Jennifer Touch On “Midnight Proposals”

With determination and musical confidence, Jennifer Touch has already made waves in the Berlin underground scene but that was just the beginning. On her second studio album, the German artist breaks free from her past while emerging in a fascinating new form. Lovers of sinister wave pop shouldn’t miss this record so that’s one reason why we decided to ask her a few questions.

“All The Time Everywhere”: Zooming In On Rising Garage Rock Quartet Girl Scout

The Swedish four-piece entered the indie scene with a rush and if they keep up their lively level like on their debut EP "Real Life Human Garbage", this is not going to be the last thing we have seen of these lads. Discover their raucous EP right here along with some other fine indie favourites, which they co-curated for us, featuring Andy Shauf, Fazerdaze, Fenne Lily and more.

Composing Through Travel: The Musical Geography of Thylacine

Artists seek inspiration in every human experience. French producer, Thylacine, is no different traveling far and wide to find it. Giving sound to geographical locations from the polar ice caps of Norway, to the troglodyte caves of Anatolia, he shares his amazement of music traditions and combines authentic sounds with immersive visuals.

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