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It is our dedication to anticipate the future of music, looking for exciting talents and artists you should know about. NBHAP’s brand new ‘Introducing’ section is the place for taste pioneers, musical enthusiasts and those of you who would like to be there before the hype kicks in.

Soft-Focus Safe Space: The Charming Confidence Of Florence Besch

With love and determination from Düsseldorf – the Luxembourgian songwriter just released a truly wonderful debut album with “Hi Now Hello”. And those who look beyond the warm melodies and playful guitar sounds will find a fascinating new artist who faces existential threats with the power of radical softness.

Landing Back on Earth: OY On “World Wide We” And Healing Through Music

On their new record "World Wide We", OY take their journey to Earth. The band examines political and structural problems and injustices as well as intimate emotions. Moving feet and minds, OY make music full of hope. This week we are introducing their new record and asked them a few questions about it.

From Darkness Into the Light: Jennifer Touch On “Midnight Proposals”

With determination and musical confidence, Jennifer Touch has already made waves in the Berlin underground scene but that was just the beginning. On her second studio album, the German artist breaks free from her past while emerging in a fascinating new form. Lovers of sinister wave pop shouldn’t miss this record so that’s one reason why we decided to ask her a few questions.

“All The Time Everywhere”: Zooming In On Rising Garage Rock Quartet Girl Scout

The Swedish four-piece entered the indie scene with a rush and if they keep up their lively level like on their debut EP "Real Life Human Garbage", this is not going to be the last thing we have seen of these lads. Discover their raucous EP right here along with some other fine indie favourites, which they co-curated for us, featuring Andy Shauf, Fazerdaze, Fenne Lily and more.

Everything Is In Its Flow: Get To Know The Cloudy Pop Of Pony Pracht

Like a guiding voice in the fog, Leipzig-based newcomer Pony Pracht delivers a short yet impressive artistic statement on her freshly released debut EP "Lomb". Time to take a closer look at this promising new artist, her vision, and the musical cosmos of the "ponyphone".

“Songs To Make You Happy”: A Spot On The Lighthearted Solo Debut Of Benji Tranter

Returning after a five-year hiatus, Welsh singer-songwriter Benji Tranter emerges with a debut that offers lush lo-fi bedroom folk vibes, paired with a raw originality and jolts of good-humoured sparks. Discover his "Songs To Make You Happy" right here, along with a fresh update of our weekly "Introducing" playlist, featuring other folk gems from the likes of Billie Marten, Eleni Drake, Maple Glider and some more.

The Sometimes and The In-Betweens: Rasha Nahas on Amrat امرات 

Based in Berlin, the Haifa-raised singer and songwriter Rasha Nahas releases her first album in her native tongue, Arabic. Written during the pandemic, "Amrat امرات" is an exploration and celebration of her Palestinian identity and a touching album grown out of spaces in between cities, identities, and cultures. We spoke to the singer and are premiering the video to "Habbetek حبيتك" in this week's Introducing Feature.

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